Sincerely Treating Gala Sky, Fuji Wins Prize of 1 Luxury Car : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Aunt Ardiansyah’s sister Fuji has just received a luxurious gift from the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Child and Youth Care Society Movement (Gempari), Patrika S. Andi Paturusi or who is familiarly called Anggi. Unmitigated, Fuji got 1 unit of white luxury car.

The reason is, this gift was given as an appreciation to Fuji for caring for Vanessa Angel and Andriansyah’s only child, Gala Sky Andriansyah sincerely. This car was also given to help the needs of the Gala.

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“This is the car for Fuji. Because Fuji has taken care of the Gala, so it is used for the purposes of the Gala,” said the account owner @kyla_mustica on Instagram Story on Wednesday (1/12/2021).

Still not expecting, Fuji was at a loss for words seeing this special gift. A happy smile shone on his face. He looks so happy and always grateful. Not to forget, Fuji also thanked him via his Instagram Story.

“Still speechless until now, O Allah. Thank you very much, Mrs. Anggi, masyaallah, very kind @anggiepaturusi,” wrote Fuji while posing in front of his new car.

This moment was then re-uploaded by the gossip account @lambegosiip. Many were happy and congratulated Fuji. Not a few also said that Vanessa Angel’s sister and father, Mayang and Doddy Sudrajat would be jealous of this moment.

“Alhamdulillah, Fuji is surrounded by many good people, hopefully the car will be useful, and hopefully the one who gave the car will be rewarded for all the kindness, amen,” wrote a netizen.