Singer Clara Gopa was questioned by the police for two hours, what case? : Okezone Celebrity

POOR – Sexy dancer Clara Gopa returned to Malang City Police. Accompanied by his attorney and manager, the singer from Malang arrived at the Malang City Police Headquarters and went straight to the investigator’s room, around 14.00 WIB, Friday (12/17/2021).

The arrival of this beautiful swordsman was to fulfill the summons of police investigators regarding the report submitted regarding alleged defamation on social media by a Malang resident.

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Singer from Malang City, Clara Gopa (28) visited the Criminal Investigation Unit of Malang City Police, Friday (17/12/2021) afternoon.

Accompanied by his attorney and manager, the singer, who is a member of Duo Semangka, immediately entered the investigator room of the Malang City Police Satreskrim at around 14.00 WIB.

Clara Gopa’s attorney, Darius Situmorang said that this summons followed up on a report made by his client on Friday, December 3, 2021. At that time Clara Gopa reported an alleged defamation of one of the Instagram accounts named wullan_ayucomell, who put a comment on the Instagram upload @aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang.

“So, our client, Clara Gopa, was asked for information by investigators from the Malang City Satreskrim Polresta, regarding complaints about alleged criminal acts that violate Article 27 Paragraph 3 of Law No. 19 of 2016 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE),” said Darius, after the examination. on Friday evening (17/12/2021).

Darius said that his client was examined in two hours and 15 questions were asked by investigators regarding the report that was filed.

“There were about 15 questions asked by investigators from the Malang City Police. The questions asked were related to the chronology and all matters regarding the defamation complaint,” he explained.

“Teradu is the owner of an Instagram account with the name @wullan_ayucomell calling our client a fraud in an upload on the Instagram account @aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang,” he added.

On this occasion, Darius also gave his appreciation to the Malang City Police. Because it has moved quickly to respond to complaints from its clients.

“We are very grateful, because the Malang City Police have moved quickly to respond to our complaints regarding the defamation and humiliation experienced by our clients. Whatever the case, the legal process, justice, and legal certainty must be upheld and immediately followed up,” he said. .

Meanwhile, Clara Gopa confirmed that she would continue the legal process. The reason is, the defendant did not have the good faith at all to apologize.

“In fact, this teradu often makes fun of me. I know that from my followers, so the fighter often quips “when am I, how come I’m not called like that,” he explained.

Even so, the woman whose real name is Wahyu Putri Dian Sari admitted that she would not close the door for forgiveness if the defendant apologized.

“We’ll see first, whether the apology is done sincerely or not. Because until now, there has been no apology at all from the teradu,” he concluded.

Previously, it was reported that on Friday, December 3, 2021, Clara Gopa and her legal team visited the Malang City Police Station. Clara reported an account called @wullan_ayucomell calling her a fraud when she commented on @aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang’s Instagram post. The account uploaded a photo of him with Clara Gopa and commented on by wullan_ayucomell.