Siraman Ria Ricis Sprinkled with Jasmine, Beautiful Manglingi! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Today, Tuesday (9/11/2021), Ria Ricis held a siraman procession as one of her wedding events with her future husband, Teuku Ryan. She looks so charming in that moment.

The siraman procession was broadcast live on the MOP Channel YouTube account. The netizens who watched also often praised his appearance through the chat column. Not a few netizens were hypnotized to see Ria Ricis’s beautiful face.

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Seen, Ria Ricis looks so beautiful wearing a ronce dress studded with fresh jasmine flowers all over her body. She looks simple with a pink rectangular hijab tied neatly behind her neck.

The jasmine headband on his head also sweetened his appearance. Coupled with her stunning flawless make-up. Ria Ricis looks so charming.

This splash procession runs so wisely. His mother, uncle, brother and several other brothers also attended the splash event. Ria Ricis’s charm radiates so stunningly.

At this watering procession there are many meanings in it. This irrigation water not only contains water, but also consists of a mixture of seven kinds of flowers (seven kinds of flowers).

The seven kinds of flowers are referred to as white and red rose petals, michelia champaca (chrysolite), magnolia × alba (white cempaka/kantil), cananga odorata (ylang-ylang), jasmine, polianthes tuberosa (good night), and jasminum. officinale (jasmine gambier / ordinary jasmine).