Sirey Morán Opens Up About Her NBL Teammates: She Told Them Her Truths!


What Sirey Morán thinks of her companions in Nuestra Belleza Latina

Missing only two finery so that the followers of Nuestra Belleza Latina know the name of the contestants who will take the crown, as well as an exclusive contract para works with Univision, and the queens have opened up about what they think of their teammates.

On a shared video by the official Nuestra Belleza Latina account on Instagram, each of the girls was questioned about what they have learned from their rivals, and Sirey Morán spread more than alls, to tell the truths of her five fellow semi-finalists.

The beautiful Honduran, who sounds like one of the great favorites to win the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina, spoke one by one of her companions, with whom she has shared the last weeks at the Mansión de la Belleza, and managed to make a very accurate analysis of every girl.

Wearing a T-shirt with her name “Sirey”, and with a tone full of sweetness and sincerity, the former Miss Honduras praised what she admires in Lupita, Raishmar, Jaky, Génesis and Fabién.

“I have learned a lot from my colleagues in Nuestra Belleza Latina, at least from those who have reached the semifinals, and from all of them, all in the process of 40, until reaching here in the semifinals,” began Sirey when giving her answer. .

“Of these semifinalists, of the five who are here, I can mention Jaky as a very intelligent and persevering woman,” said the contestant when mentioning another of the girls who has been known to steal the hearts of viewers, and who goes out of the beauty prototype that for years wanted to promote the reality show.

“I see Fabién as a girl who has taught me a lot about the essence of the Cuban, the strength they have, despite the mishaps, and the desire to want to get ahead,” said Sirey referring to the beautiful blonde. “I see Raishmar as a very strong girl, Lupita is a very friendly person, very energetic and a good friend.”

But the great praise came from the Central American when talking about the Dominican representative who is still on the show.

“The Pim Pum Pam (Genesis Serum) has a strong character, but more than that, she sweeps away with that spectacular attitude that she has and that fills us all with great joy, every day,” added Sirey.

The contestant of Nuestra Belleza Latina concluded her comments about the semifinalists of the program by confessing that in general she has good vibes towards all of them, with whom she shares the dream of shining in the world of entertainment.

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