Sky TV Has Partnered With Microsoft To Resurrect The Kinect

The legendary and incredible Kinect that in its time was a technological revelation when it comes to cameras and super advanced motion controls, it seems that it has returned reincarnated in a new device. It is Sky Glass, a camera from the technology company Sky, which adds new and interesting functions.

As detailed by the medium The Verge, Sky has partnered with Microsoft to bring some social functions to its Sky Glass camera, which is present in the company’s smart TVs. The users they will be able to use and navigate on social networks, since you can sync the TV to see and talk with your contacts.

Sky TV has partnered with Microsoft to resurrect the Kinect

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According to statements with The Verge, Sky Product Manager Fraster Stirling has commented on the partnership with Microsoft as follows (translated): “By working with Microsoft, we are also creating a fantastic feature that allows us to watch TV together even if we are miles apart. It syncs your TV with other homes, with integrated video and on-screen chat, and you can choose content from the major channels, including Premier League matches, movies and all your favorite entertainment. “

Undoubtedly, an interesting collaboration by Sky with Microsoft, which brings all the Kinect technology to your smart TVs. Even, some games can be played using motion control which brings the Sky Glass camera, like the iconic Fruit Ninja.


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