Skylines: The Sci-Fi Movie To Watch On Netflix

While the catalog of Netflix it is immense and there is much to see, the platform usually makes a ranking with the productions that are trending. Although this is not necessarily synonymous with quality, it is a guide to know which movies or series are attracting the attention of viewers. One of the films that is currently part of this list of trends is Skylines, French science fiction production directed by Liam O’Donnell.

This new film is the last part of a trilogy that began in 2010 with brothers Greg and Colin Strause.. In the beginning of this saga, Skyline: The Invasion, the story revolves around a group of friends who discover that an extraterrestrial force will seek to devour the entire population of Earth. This group of survivors must fight for their lives as the entire world crumbles around them.

Now and after Beyond Skyline, comes this latest installment whose synopsis indicates the following: “When a mysterious virus threatens to turn the friendly alien hybrids that now inhabit Earth against humans, an elite mercenary team led by Captain Rose Corley embarks on a mission to the alien world to save what remains of humanity.”.

Skylines (2020)

Regarding the reception it has received from the specialized critics, it must be said that for now the comments are not very encouraging. Although some highlight their sense of humor and perceive an improvement over previous films, they are aware that it is a trite film that promises more than it delivers.. “A perfectly acceptable science fiction film. The problem is that the franchise promised much more,” they express from Polygon.

For his part, Nick Allen from the site Roger Ebert indicates: “Each scene aspires to place itself in the same league as Transformers de Mr. […] but he never manages to find his own space […]. What O’Donnell does have, however, is a heightened sense of humor. […].

Skylines is starring Lindsey Morgan, Rhona Mitra, James Cosmo, Alexander Siddig, Daniel Bernhardt, Yayan Ruhian, Jonathan Howard, Ieva Andrejevaite y Jeremy Fitzgerald. Check out the trailer for this movie below: