So Trending Topic, Prilly Latuconsina Kepo: What are you talking about? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAPrilly Latuconsina is often the center of attention. Even recently, his name has become a trending topic on Twitter.

This apparently started from the @bertanyarl account asking who the Twitter users’ favorite actress was. In the question, the account also includes photos of the faces of Prilly Latuconsina, Amanda Manopo, Michelle Zudith, Vanesha Prescilla, Ranty Maria, Natasha Wilona, ​​Amanda Rawles, to Syifa Hadju.

“Tanyarl choose your fav actress,” wrote the account with a photo.

The funny thing is, Prilly doesn’t know why she suddenly became a netizen conversation on Twitter. Through his Instagram account, he was seen asking this question.

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“What are you talking about? How come it’s suddenly trending haha,” wrote Prilly Latuconsina on her Instagram Story.

The choice of netizens who fell on Prilly, made the 24-year-old girl’s name suddenly become a trending topic. Even some netizens seem to give praise to the Danur movie star.

“Prilly as always. Young, rich and talented. Everything she has until now, even her wealth is the result of her own hard work. @prillyyla,” wrote one netizen.

“There are some very smart actresses, but for me Prilly is not only smart but multitalented multitasking, imagine actresses, singers, entrepreneurs, poetry novelists, producers, hosts/presenters and many more,” said another netizen.

Prilly Latuconsina

Previously, Prilly had become the subject of discussion regarding deodorants. Because the deodorant worn by Maxime Bouttier’s ex-lover has a hefty price tag, which is almost Rp. 200 thousand.