Soon to be married, Teuku Ryan bluntly asks for an arranged marriage with Ria Ricis: Okezone Celebrity

TEUKU Ryan bluntly asked for an arranged marriage with Ria Ricis. Even this man from Aceh is said to soon marry the YouTuber Queen.

After a long silence, now the woman who is familiarly called Ricis is openly telling her love story in Ricis Official Youtube content.

At first, Ryan saw Ricis through the Instastory of one of Ricis’s team named Adin. He asked Adin to set him up with a black veiled woman, Ria Ricis.

It turned out that at that time he did not know that Ricis was a famous celebrity in Indonesia. He didn’t even know that Ricis was younger than him.

“Jodoh dong with that brother who wears a black headscarf. Seriously, Ryan was born in 94, bro,” Ryan wrote when replying to Adin’s Instastory, one of Ria Ricis’s team.

Previously, Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister was indeed quite difficult to open her heart. He just wants to be in love with someone who is really serious and doesn’t want to waste any more time on romance.

“Yes, because Adin also understands me, if I want to be close to someone who is clear. If it’s just small talk, ouch. It’s a waste of time,” said Ria.

Ria Ricis did not think that Ryan could fall in love after seeing Ricis in Adin’s Instastory video. According to him, in the video, Ria Ricis’s face doesn’t look beautiful because of the effects of just waking up.

He is also not very talkative and expressive in the video. After that incident, they exchanged greetings and sent messages.

In fact, Ricis revealed that Ryan often sent Pajama clothes for Ricis which he always wore to sleep until now. Aloud, Ricis also admitted that he would only use the things that Teuku Ryan gave him.

“Coy! Nothing, I’m just using Ryan’s stuff now,” Ricis said, while making fun of his teammates.

In the video, Ricis openly shows the contents of Ryan’s Instagram message to Ricis. Ryan seemed to move forward without being afraid even though Ricis replied indifferently and briefly.

At the end of the video, Ricis confirms that a mate has been ordained by God. No matter how close or how hard it is, if not the soul mate will definitely be separated.

On the other hand, no matter how far and how small, if indeed the soul mate will be met.

“It turns out that it’s real, how far will it go if God willing, God determines to be matched, matched. How close do you want to be, try as much as possible, if God says separate, wallahualam. And I experienced it myself,” said Ricis.