Squid Game: 10 Times Gi-Hun Earned Other Contestants’ Respect!

Gi-Hun is the main character of Squid Game who fought with admiration. Here are 10 moments he earned the respect of contestants!

Desperate to never disappoint his daughter again, Gi-Hun fought honorably without ever colliding with the other Squid Game contestants! MCE TV unveils 10 times when he earned the respect of his competitors. Good reading !

Squid Game: an extraordinary character

In Squid Game, viewers discovered the vices of Man, ready to do anything to win a large sum of money. Many are those who have lost all principle and all sense of morality.

Those who decided to stay honest couldn’t get very far. We remember Ali who was betrayed by his friend at the game of marbles. If there is one character who looks a lot like him is Gi-Hun.

The main character of Squid Game managed to win by staying true to himself. Even if he faulted the game of marbles. Here are 10 moments when Gi-Hun earned the respect of the other contestants!

His friendship with the old man

From the start, Gi-Hun befriended the old man. So he took care of him on several occasions.

His immense compassion

We then remember his compassion when he discovered that player 001 had urinated on him. So he lent him his jacket so he wouldn’t be humiliated.

extreme kindness

Gi-Hun also offered the elderly person to play marbles, while nobody wanted to be in a duet with him. Something that the organizer of the game has never forgotten.

His idea to win the cookie game

Thanks to his technique for cutting the sugar cake without breaking it, he therefore allowed many players to win the game.

His relationship with Sae-Byeok

From the start, her relationship with Sae-Byeok was quite complicated. He found it hard to forgive her for stealing his money. However, when Gi-Hun realized she was in danger, he did not hesitate to extend his hand to her.

Over the episodes, their relationship has only evolved positively. In the penultimate game, Gi-Hun was shattered seeing his friend more weakened than ever.

Squid Game: 10 Times Gi-Hun Earned Other Contestants’ Respect!

Honorable deeds

Stand up to Deok-Su

He has done this several times without regretting it. Gi-Hun’s goal was to protect Sae-Byeok. So he imposed himself against the villainous Deok-Su to make him cunderstand that he couldn’t hurt her anymore.

A strategic manipulation

To protect his people, Gi-Hun therefore used the right words to scare Deok-Su. He made her understand that he was in dangerr because his own allies could try to kill him.

Since then, So Deok-Su got worried, and he never attacked. ! He also became more suspicious of his own family, especially the doctor.

Morality above all

At the end of the game of broken glasses, Gi-Hun therefore blamed Sang-Woo. He didn’t come to terms with the fact that he killed a man to advance in Squid Game.

sincere help

The main character of Squid Game also helped Sae-Byeok when she was injured. He therefore made sure that Sang-Woo does not approach her to kill her.

Give up to keep your values

When he beat Sang-Woo in the last game, Gi-Hun failed to kill him. So he asked to stop the game, at the risk of losing the huge amount of money. So Sang-Woo killed himself to make him win.