Squid Game: a Youtuber recreates the series’ events in real life, with one exception

News culture Squid Game: a Youtuber recreates the series’ events in real life, with one exception

If the Squid Game series, bombshell of the fall, has left its place in the spotlight to Arcane, it remains an inexhaustible source of creativity for content creators. The proof with MrBeast, an American YouTuber who spent a fortune to recreate the flagship events of the series.

Youtuber with 80 million subscribers, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson produces very often crazy videos. They are often akin to spectacular challenges, such as cleaning up the dirtiest beach in the world or being locked in a coffin for fifty hours. Each of its videos has averaged 50 million views. And the last is no exception, far from it.

Squid Game recreated in real life, with one exception

Released five days ago, MrBeast’s latest production looks back on the South Korean series Squid Game and has surpassed 100 million views. The American YouTuber has accurately recreated the six proofs of the Netflix show, but in real life. He also invited 456 people to play the minigames, with an identical reward in the key: the last winner of the event walked away with $ 456,000, or € 404,000. If the amount won is not the same as in the series (32 million euros), this is not the only difference to note.

Obviously, the game organized by Jimmy Donaldson did not in any way endanger the health of the 456 participants thanks to the events revisited for the occasion. For example, that of 1,2,3 … Sun involves only a pocket containing a liquid which pierces in the event of defeat. Likewise, the tug of war game is safe since a foam cube pool awaits the losers. Finally, not the game of squid in the final test but that of musical chairs which remains much more harmless.

3.5 million, 456,000 … the numbers of the event

If the fidelity of the decorations of Squid Game is perfectly respected, such a reproduction required a substantial investment from MrBeast : he would have spent around 3.1 million euros to make this safe copy of Squid Game. Such a sum which must include the checks distributed to certain participants: 22 of them left with 4,000 dollars, while the winner and the second won respectively 456,000 and 10,000 dollars.

That being said, MrBeast isn’t the only one who wanted to make his own version of Squid Game. During the month of October, it is the Japanese YouTuber Genshashin who recreated the scene of the 1,2,3 Soleil in Genshin Impact. The Nigerian collective Ikorodu has also released its own version of the South Korean series: it shows what the series would look like if it didn’t have a budget.

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