Squid Game Alternatives: Similar series for the watch list

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Always looking for a new exciting series? The following productions show certain similarities to the Netflix series “Squid Game”.

There are series that are truly addictive. For example the Netflix series “Squid Game”, which has found countless followers. Since its release on September 17, 142 million Netflix subscribers have watched the series – more than ever in the first 30 days after a Netflix * premiere, according to the British portal Dailymail. In terms of the story, the series makers have not reinvented the wheel, but the implementation is convincing, which is proven by the streaming quotas. In “Squid Game”, highly indebted participants play for a cash prize. With each episode new games are opened that cost the lives of most of the players.

Who won over the nine episodes of the first season wonders: Will there be a second season of “Squid Game”? The series creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, revealed in an interview with the US magazine Variety: “I don’t have well-defined plans for ‘Squid Game 2′”. Read more about the possible continuation of the series here.

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“Squid Game”: Series with a similar storyline

Anyone who has seen and liked “Squid Game” could Kino.de according to the following series as worth seeing:

  • „Liar Game“: The Japanese series, which is based on the manga of the same name, also has a precarious game as its content. As Kino.de reported, the participants take part in a survival game in which they can either get into debt or earn a lot of money. The main thing is to tell your fellow players believable lies in order to emerge as a winner. What sounds like a cozy evening of board games degenerates into a psychological nightmare, like that kino.de.
  • „Alice in Borderland“: This series is not made for the faint of heart either. As in “Squid Game”, it’s about fighting for life and death. The plot: The video game nerd Arisu suddenly finds himself in an apocalyptic version of Tokyo again. In this parallel world, he and his friends have to compete in dangerous games against each other in order to survive.

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