“Squid Game”: ban on Halloween costumes of the series

“Squid Game”
Ban on Halloween costumes of the series

Controversial: The iconic costumes of “Squid Game”.

© Well Juhan | Netflix

Children are increasingly inspired by the brutal Netflix series to play “Squid Game” – including punishments for the losers.

Desperate, indebted people compete against each other in school playground games. The winner can win a lot of money, the loser is killed. With this premise, “Squid Game” became a mega hit, the South Korean series is the most successful Netflix series of all time.

Now the brutal games from “Squid Game” are splashing more and more on schoolyards around the world. More and more communities are sounding the alarm. Shortly before Halloween, the school district of Fayetteville-Manlius in the US state of New York has reacted and, according to “Deadline”, bans costumes that refer to the series.

Dr. Craig Tice, head of the school district, told USA Today: “Some of our younger students are talking to and mimicking aspects of the show in school. Parents and guardians (…) have the opportunity to talk to their children about it themselves and to reaffirm the school’s message that games associated with violent behavior are not appropriate for recess “.

According to a study, half of all hashtags for Halloween costumes on Instagram contain the term “Squid Game”. The photos often show children in the series’ costumes, which have already become icons of pop culture: the players’ green tracksuits or the guards’ red overalls, complete with fencing masks.

“Squid Game” imitations also in German schoolyards

Although “Squid Game” is approved for ages 16+ in Germany (17+ in the US), the series has also found its way into the republic’s playgrounds. As the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” reported, children in Augsburg, for example, played games from the series. With punishment. Face slaps replaced the execution.