Squid Game, cheap … The best!

HALLOWEEN COSTUME. For this Halloween 2021, it is the disguises inspired by the Squid Game series that are a hit. But the traditional disguises of little ghosts, pumpkins or witches are still very popular! Here is our selection before the big day.

Make way for Halloween this October 31, 2021! Young and old will be able to put on their most beautiful Halloween costume … or the most terrifying! This year, the fashion goes once again to the Marvel films but also to the Netflix series including the phenomenon Squid Game with many disguises already available on the web to be inspired by the oppressive atmosphere of the series. Stuck with ideas, pressed for time? Linternaute.com comes to your rescue and offers you the best Halloween costumes for little boys and girls as well as adults.

Adults are not forgotten. The editorial staff has selected for you scary adult costumes, couple costumes, for women and men or unisex masks. Want to give your little one an unforgettable first Halloween? A baby pumpkin costume will look great! This year, the masks and disguises of witches, zombies or bloodthirsty clowns, a legacy of the success of the film It, are also still popular. So it’s time to get the Halloween costume that will be a hit for your evening of October 31st. The little ones will be served: an adorable pumpkin costume for the little one, in baby or toddler size, a set of the perfect witch for your little girl or an absolutely terrifying devil for your boy? Make your choice ! Find our full selection of the best Halloween costumes below.

Do-it-yourself costume: tips and tricks

Once your costume has been purchased, it will still be possible to customize it with a few in-house creations. Before heading to the first haberdashery and fabric store, rummage through your wardrobes and trunks. It’s up to you to use your imagination! Know that it is not useful to know how to sew to make a disguise. It is perfectly possible to use paper or cardboard to make a mask, a pirate knife, a magic wand, cat ears or a princess crown. Felt is also widely used, because it can be cut easily and has very good support. It does not fray, which eliminates the need for hemming. To assemble pieces of felt, just apply a few staples and you’re done!

If you have no experience in homemade disguise, do not panic, because there are a multitude of pages on the Internet explaining to you, step by step, how to make cat ears with a headband, felt and a little glue or how to make an Indian tunic or how to make a pirate costume. Feel free to watch videos and print patterns. To improve the disguise, do not hesitate to look for makeup ideas. Even if the end result is not perfect, remember that the important thing is to have fun and involve your children to stimulate their creativity.