Squid Game im Real-Life von YouTuber Mr-Beast: So life es ab

The Netflix hit Squid Game was recently recreated with great attention to detail by YouTuber MrBeast. 456 players were chased through the games from the series and in the end there was $ 456,000 in prize money. This is how the fun event went.

What is the Squid Game? The series “Squid Game” runs on Netflix and comes from South Korea. From there, the series became a worldwide success. The series features 456 highly indebted people in a series of kids’ games. Whoever loses will be killed, however, but the last survivor will receive absurd prize money.

Was war das Real-Life-Squid-Game? The YouTube channel MrBeast (75 million subscribers) created its own, real version of the Squid Game for a total of 3.5 million US dollars and a lot of effort. MrBeast is known for crazy challenges and events, so such a squid game fits his mesh perfectly.

Many details of the game clearly correspond to the series template, including the suits of the players, the scenery, the games and the creepy guards with their masks.

As in the series, 456 selected players, including various content creators, should recreate the games from the series and collect a cash prize at the end.

This is how the real Squid Game went

What were the rules The games known from it were played true to the original of the series. Only the last game, the eponymous “Squid Game” was left out. Probably because it is a brutal brawl that was out of the question for a fun event like this.

Of course, no one else was shot or otherwise killed. Each player had a small “bomb” attached to their stomach and if someone was hit, the small explosive device exploded. The effect was easy to hear and see, but did not cause permanent damage.

The prize pool at the end of the game was $ 456,000 for a lucky winner.

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How did the game go? MrBeast and his helpers let participants play all the games in the series in the correct order. Everything around it, such as the lounge between the games, including the money ball, were reproduced in great detail. The games were in detail:

  • Green light, red light: Here the players had to cross a field in 30 minutes, but you were only allowed to run when the command “green light” sounded. Anyone who still moves when the command is “red light” has been “eliminated”. Only 232 players “survived” the first round.
  • Sugar Figures: In 10 minutes the players have to remove a randomly given figure made of icing with a needle from a mold without breaking it. In the end, there were only 142 players left.
  • In between, people with a few thousand dollars could voluntarily leave the game, then it was only 120.
  • Tug of war: Tug of war was held in 12 teams of 10 on a high bridge. However, nobody had to let themselves be thrown to their deaths. The hole in the middle was filled with foam. With 6 of the 12 teams eliminated, there were now only 60 players left.
  • Mumble: Here the players were divided into 30 groups of 2 and each received 10 marbles. The goal was to somehow get each other’s marbles. To add to the drama, the groups were composed of players who got along well. Only 30 “survived” this round.
  • The series also saw major carnage between games. That was of course solved differently and they played a little game that eliminated some players. 16 players progressed.
  • “Glass” bridge: The meanest game in the series had the players cross a bridge made of 2 parallel plates in a random order. One plate was prepared and fell down as soon as a person stood on it. Anyone who fell did not fall tens of meters to their death, but ended up in a pit made of foam. As in the series, conflicts arose here as various players refused to act first. Only 6 players made it.
  • The winners got their “hangman’s meal” with steaks and (plastic) knives.
  • As the final game, the less brutal “Journey to Jerusalem” was played instead of the Squid game. Eliminated players were macabre in the coffin boxes known from the series. Player 079 ended up winning $ 456,000.

How was the mood? The mood was completely different than in the series. Because while mass panic and gigantic carnage break out there after the first death and nobody is guaranteed to laugh anymore, the atmosphere here is exuberant. The players are having a lot of fun and even those who are kicked out are still grinning happily at the camera.

That seemed a bit bizarre when you still have the brutal pictures from the series in your head. Especially in scenes in which the eliminated players lay motionless on the ground all over the arena while the winners continued to fax happily. MrBeast was always in a good mood and seemed to be having the fun of his life.

In the course of the rounds, however, the mood became more dogged, especially at the bridge, where several players refused to push ahead as pioneers and thus always be in danger. With all the fun, it was about a lot of money and you could see the ambition in some of the players.

How was the video received? The reactions from viewers on YouTube have also been overwhelmingly positive. The comments praise MrBeast’s great attention to detail and effort. Only around 6,000 reviews are negative, while almost 4 million (as of November 25) are positive.

In the end, MrBeast congratulated the winner on winning the first real-life squid game. So there should be more versions in the future. What do you think of the real Squid Game? Funny gaudi or tasteless and macabre, since the series has a very serious background? Let us know in the comments.

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