Squid Game IRL? Millionaire YouTuber recreates the game in real life

Emilie Semiramoth

Head of Streaming Section

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While the renewal of Squid Game has just been formalized by its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, a millionaire YouTuber has embarked on the crazy project of recreating the game in real life.

If you do not yet know Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTube star, he intends to make himself known to the greatest number despite his 74 million followers. Riding on the success of Squid Game, the latter began to share photos of replicas of the Korean series on his networks. But why is that? Because he had this crazy idea of ​​recreating the games from the hit of the year in real life.

Are people going to die? The answer is no. If in the Netflix series, the participants are over-indebted people who risk their lives playing children’s games for the sum of 45 billion won (or nearly 33 million euros), the players who will participate in the staging Mr. Beast will leave unharmed.

As in the series, 456 people will be able to participate in this game. And the final sum proposed by the millionaire YouTuber amounts to 456,000 dollars or a little less than 394,000 euros.

A crazy bet

Last month, Mr. Beast posted a viral video on TikTok in which he announced to his followers that he is committed to recreating a real Squid Game if his video exceeds 10 million likes. Just two days later, Mr. Beast posted a new video confirming that the 10 million threshold has been largely crossed and that he will be randomly selecting from among his followers to get them into the game.

On Twitter, we could already see him at work on Thursday, November 4 with this comment: “The sets for Squid Game are being assembled! We wish the 456 participants good luck next week.

Also on Twitter, a video this time, posted last Sunday shows the extent of the work and the means implemented. Mr. Beast comments on this ambitious project: “Recreating the games from Squid Games costs more than I expected, but I’m too committed to quitting now.

The total value of the work is estimated at two million dollars which Mr. Beast is financing himself. The game is expected to take place sometime this week.