“Squid Game”, Kurt Krömer, Vaccination and the NBA


#trending number 954 – Wednesday, September 28, 2021

Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm

Good morning! Today an apolitical #trending issue. Nothing substantial happened in Berlin on Tuesday that would have been enough to cause a social media excitement or hit. Certainly not stay that way for the next few days.

#trending // „Squid Game“

After the K-Pop hype, is the K-TV hype coming? The Korean series “Squid Game” is at least the Netflix hit of the hour. And that worldwide. The series in which hundreds of people take part in a game in which the winner gets a gigantic amount of money, but all losers are killed instantly.

“Squid Game” currently tops the Netflix series charts in 78 countries – from Japan to Pakistan, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Guatemala and the USA. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, said at a conference that “Squid Game” could replace “Bridgerton” as the most successful series in Netflix history. Bridgerton had 82 million watching households in the first 28 days.

#trending // Kurt Krömer

Comedian Kurt Krömer has fought with the AfD, or the fans of the AfD. In a video on Saturday, he called on Facebook to vote. “You can choose what you want”. But: “Don’t make your swastika with the AfD!” Because, the AfD is a “Nazi party”.

What followed was apparently a lot of hatred from AfD fans. In any case, another video from Krömer followed on Monday evening. This time on the topic of “Is this about being blocked!?!” Krömer asked whether users were being blocked on his Facebook page: “Of course. 600 people. Fascists. From the AfD. I blocked them. Yesterday I put in an extra night shift. “It is like coming into the bedroom,” peeps under the bed and suddenly you see: 600 fascists are hiding there. What do you do? Well, she threw the bums out! ”There were 11,700 likes, reactions, shares and comments for it.

#trending // Vaccination and the NBA

Not only in Germany are there discussions about which corona rules should apply to vaccinated and which unvaccinated people. There is also wild discussion in the USA. Currently, among other things, in connection with the NBA basketball league. As reported in detail by the US American “Rolling Stone”, among others, superstar Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets is at the center of the excitement.

Irving did not take part in the media appointment at the start of the 2021/22 season, apparently because he is not vaccinated, but the corona protocols of the city of New York had required that for the media appointment. But that’s not all. In the cities of New York and San Francisco, the following applies: Unvaccinated professional athletes are not allowed to train or play indoors. There is no general compulsory vaccination in the NBA, the players’ union NBPA was against it.

Zum großen Aufreger wurden Zitate der NBA-Legende Kareem Abdul-Jabbar aus dem „Rolling Stone“-Artikel. Er sagt zum Thema Impfen: „By not encouraging their people to get the vaccine, they’re contributing to these deaths. I’m also concerned about how this perpetuates the stereotype of dumb jocks who are unable to look at verified scientific evidence and reach a rational conclusion.“ Und: „There is no room for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, the staff and the fans simply because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation or do the necessary research. What I find especially disingenuous about the vaccine deniers is their arrogance at disbelieving immunology and other medical experts. Yet, if their child was sick or they themselves needed emergency medical treatment, how quickly would they do exactly what those same experts told them to do?“

CNN, which took up the quotes, had 131,100 Facebook and Twitter interactions with the article “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar calls for unvaccinated players and staff to be removed from teams”. Most of the reactions celebrated Abdul-Jabbar for his opinion.

#trending // German tops of the day

Story after social media interactions: “The Postillon” – “’Haha! Destroyed!’ – Rezo tears the Armin Laschet mask off his face “(18,500 interactions on Facebook and Twitter)

Story nach Likes & Shares bei Twitter: “The Postillon” – “’Haha! Destroyed!’ – Rezo tears the Armin Laschet mask off his face “(5,600 likes and shares)

Podcast (Apple Podcasts): “State of the nation – the politics podcast from Berlin” – “Special: Analyzes of the Bundestag election and the state elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania”

Google search term: Champions League (500,000+ searches)

Wikipedia page: Federal Parliament election 2021 (223,400 views on Monday)

Youtube-Video [die Nummer 1 aller am Montag veröffentlichten deutschsprachigen Videos]: “Lidl” – “TV Spot | For the 5th time fresh winner | Lidl is worth it”

Serie (Netflix): „Squid Game„

Song (Spotify): Glass Animals – “Heat Waves” (441,200 stream views from Germany on Monday)

Music (amazon): Die Ärzte – “Dunkel (In a slipcase with garland)” (Audio CD)

DVD/Blu-ray (Amazon): „Black Widow“ (Blu-ray)

Game (Amazon) [ohne Gutscheinkarten und Hardware]: „FIFA 22 – Standard Plus Edition“ (PlayStation 4)

Book (Amazon): Rita Falk – “Rehragout-Rendezvous: The eleventh case for Eberhofer” (paperback)

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