Squid Game, La Casa de Papel … 10 most hated characters of the series of 2021

While some series characters arrive and quickly become fan favorites, others are not so lucky. The proof with these 10 characters who are far from unanimous.

Gandia in the series The Money Heist

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If it was in 2020 that Gandia killed Nairobi, he was no less hated in 2021. And for good reason, he remains one of the greatest enemies of the robbers and participates in the death of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), another emblematic figure of the group led by the Professor… We can only console ourselves with the fact that she takes him in her fall and that he dies with her.

byeong-gi of Squid Game


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In Squid Game, all the participants are not housed in the same boat and we think of you Byeong-gi. The surgeon who wears the number 111 has a significant advantage over the others as the organizers of the games give him clues about the games to come. The reason ? In return, he takes care of recovering the organs of participants who died for trafficking … Suffice to say that he is not one of the favorite characters of fans.

Nathan in Ted Lasso

nathan, ted lasso

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At the start of the series, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) takes Nathan under his wing and becomes a kind of mentor to him. Only here, the character of Nick Mohammed takes in insurance and at the same time in arrogance. In season 2, Nathan believes himself to be truly superior to Ted and becomes jealous of him. He does not hesitate to betray him and ends up coach of a rival team in the last episode of season 2 of Ted Lasso.

Shane Patton in The White Lotus

the white lotus, shane


Very quickly we start to hate Shane in The White Lotus, this mom’s son who believes that everything is owed to him, especially because his family has money. You just have to see how he persists throughout the series to recover the room he had initially reserved. But that’s not all, Shane isn’t supportive of his wife, Rachel. While she loves what she does, he tells her over and over again that she doesn’t have to work… Basically, Shane thinks he’s the center of the world.

Hope Haddon in the series Sex Education

Sex Education Hope

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So certainly Hope Haddon did not kill anyone, but she is not a detestable character. New Principal of Moordale High School in Sex Education, it gives a glimpse of a glimmer of hope to the students to ultimately prove to be much more strict and conservative than its predecessor. Not only does she bully the teenagers and not let them be who they are, Hope humiliates them as well. We think, for example, of the moment when she forces them to walk around the school with signs around their necks.

Hélène Giraud in Mixed

mixed, giraud

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There are plenty of hateful moments in Mixed, coming from different characters and very often linked to misogyny. It’s hard not to be angry when you see how women are treated and especially these teenage girls who arrive in a high school originally only populated by boys. And it’s even harder when it’s a woman who is at the origin of these comments, like Hélène Giraud, the English teacher.

Malcolm Stone in My First Times

malcolm stone, my first times

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If the protagonists of the Netflix teen series, My First Times are far from perfect – we think of you Devi – they are all very endearing. Well, almost all of them because Malcolm Stone, the former Disney star and Eleanor’s new boyfriend in season 2 remains unbearable to say the least. Devi and Fabiola’s friend finds herself in a toxic relationship without even realizing it and becomes almost as hateful as her mate.

Kjetill dans Vikings


© History

The second part of season 6 of Vikings has once again proven just how awful and uninteresting Kjetill is. Not only did he kill Eyvind’s family, but he didn’t turn out to be more mature when he returned to Iceland with Ubbe and Torvi. Fans of the show will certainly never forget that scene where he is screaming like crazy about his whale that he refuses to share.

Rosalind in Destiny: The Winx Saga


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The former mentor of Farah Dowling, director of Alféa, did not receive the love of the fans of Destiny: The Winx Saga and for good reason, she is a great manipulator who seeks at all costs to gain power. Note also that Rosalind is at the origin of the death of many innocent people and in particular of the massacre which took place in the village of Bloom. And, to top it off, she ends up killing Farah at the end of Season 1 …

Sherry Conrad in the series YOU

sherry conrad, you

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Sherry, Love’s new friend in season 3 of YOU, is pretty much everything you can hate in a person. Shalita Grant’s character is similar to high school mean girls and is mostly about appearances. She tries at all costs to be in the spotlight and does not hesitate to take advantage of Natalie’s disappearance to advertise her blog – while speaking badly about her behind the scenes. And if towards the end, we have more empathy for Sherry, she still won’t be voted best person of the year.

Marion Le Coq

Marion Le Coq

Assistant editor-in-chief