Squid Game: Netflix series breaks new record

Impossible to miss the madness Squid Game if you are a follower of Netflix ! And for good reason, the Korean series available on the platform since September 17 has literally exploded all counters. Quickly, the latter became a real world cultural phenomenon. The proof, its immense popularity has also allowed other Korean and Japanese series like Sweet Home and Alice in Borderland to observe a renewed interest on the part of serivores. By the way, some time ago Netflix announced that Squid Game had broken a planetary record. Indeed, the drama series was viewed by nearly 111 million households in just 17 days!

The Squid Game series on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

A shattering introduction that shows to what extent the show created by Hwang Dong-hyuk enjoys international renown today. An unexpected surprise for the creator who took nearly ten years to get his idea accepted. And that’s not all ! As the saying goes: everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait. Hwang Dong-hyuk won’t be able to say the opposite now that Squid Game just broke a second record on Netflix. Indeed, on November 12, the platform published a brand new ranking of the ten most watched series of all time. A classification based this time on the first 28 days of hearing of the shows in question.

The Squid Game series on Netflix just broke a new record
The Squid Game series on Netflix just broke a new record – Credit (s): Netflix

In the first place of the podium, it is therefore the Korean series Squid Game which climbs with the titanic figure of 1.65 billion hours of streaming achieved during its first four weeks of release. Which therefore means that serivores spent almost 182,000 years in total watching Squid Game in less than a month ! An absolute record for Netflix which also allows the show to exceed The Bridgertons Chronicle by Shonda Rhimes, the former record holder who accumulates 625 million hours of viewing in his first 28 days. Finally, we will also underline that it is the Spanish series The Money Heist which finished in third place with nearly 619 million hours of viewing.