Squid Game: Number 067 from DrBeast’s YouTube remake becomes a media star

Red light … green light

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The Youtuber Mr Beast has just recreated the Netflix Squid Games on YouTube. No. 067 from the video is now so well known that she is already giving interviews.

Update from 11/29/2021: The Squid Game remake by MrBeast cracked 100 million video views this weekend. Jimmy Donaldson’s subscribers are also going through the roof. More than 80 million people are currently following the YouTuber. It seems that the investment of 3 million euros has already paid off for him.

The interest in the number 067 in the Squid game video is also unbroken. Camilla Araujo has now even been interviewed. In the interview, Camilla says that at the beginning of the remake of MrBeast, she didn’t even know that her number was one of the main characters in the real Netflix series. She says: “At the beginning of the shoot, a lot of people came up to me and said. Oh my god, you’re number 067 and so am I – you’re number 083. I had no idea what people were talking about.“When asked whether she would have seen the original series, Araujo says:”I watched the first episode briefly and then the last to know who would win in the end.“On the second day of the four-day production of the MrBeast remake, Araujo watched a few more episodes to understand the concept.

MrBeast has recreated the games from the Squid Game Netflix series on a YouTube game show and lets real candidates participate.

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Camilla Araujo goes on to say that she was actually only there as a substitute in case someone from the other candidates does not show up. Suddenly she got the tracksuit with the 067. When she was also one of the few participants to be equipped with a microphone, it slowly occurred to her that she would play a special role in the Squid game remake. Even if her level of awareness increases more and more, she is still not recognized on the street. She says it’s probably also because she currently lives in New York and she’s nothing special there.

First report from November 26th, 2021: Kansas, USA – The Netflix series Squid Game was a huge hit. Now the well-known YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has brought the format back to life as a YouTube remake for more than 3 million euros. We remember the many characters, with personal and financial problems, who seek their chance to start over by participating in deadly children’s games. The series from South Korea was one of the greatest phenomena in global pop culture and found its way into game mods for video games, memes, Halloween costumes and parodies.

There were also parallels to the Squid Game on Twitch, when the streamer MontanaBlack was blackmailed in a GTA role-playing game.
The YouTube star MrBeast, who is known for his large projects on the video platform, had decided to let Squid Game take place again as a YouTube show. His goal was reproduce the games of the original series as accurately as possible. According to his own statements, Jimmy Donaldson spent more than 3 million euros on this, including the prize money. The winner of the YouTube show goes home with just over 400,000 euros.

Squid Game Remake by MrBeast: 456 real candidates take part in the games

Am Squid Game Remake von MrBeast 456 real candidates take part and have to assert themselves in the various games such as “red light, green light”, the sugar figures or the game of marbles. Mrbeast had all the games reproduced except for the actual Squid Game at the end of the series. Since the final “octopus game” is about martial arts, this part of the original series has been omitted and replaced by the well-known children’s game “Journey to Jerusalem”.

Even if the YouTube show from the Squid Game looks like a game show that is also known from TV formats, it is interesting to see how close MrBeast has come with its structures to the original. The Kansas YouTuber had previously had great success with similar videos on his channel. The compilation of the Squid game remake is 25 minutes. We have included it here for you.

A very sad fate befell a North Korean who tried to smuggle the series Squid Game into the country with a USB stick. He has received a life sentence because the Netflix series is banned in North Korea *.

Squid Game by MrBeast – Remake created first social media star

The broadcast of MrBeast’s Squid Game on YouTube even turned a candidate into a little social media star. In the original Netflix series by Squid Game, the model Jung Ho-yeon from South Korea became extremely well known. She played the candidate Kang Sae-byeok and has the number 067 among the participants in the game. Something similar has now happened in MrBeast’s Squid Game.

When DrBeast posted the YouTube video of his Squid Game live, many viewers seemed to have been impressed by the participant who wore the number 067 on his show. Not only did she wear the same number as Jung Ho-yeon, but she also works as a model. There were many questions about the candidate in the comments and we are trying to collect all the information we know so far.

Squid Game by MrBeast: Who is the number and participant 067?

Participant number 067 in MrBeast’s Squid Game on YouTube is a model from Texas by the name of Camilla Araujo. Araujo’s social media accounts exploded following MrBeast’s YouTube video. The Texan already has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok. She writes: “Thank you for the love and support I get.“On Instagram.

But Camilla Araujo also shows that she understood social media, because she writes on TikTok: “Blow it up here (the TikTok account) and I’ll bring a (behind the scenes) story.“Araujo already seems to have some real fans, because a user writes on Instagram:”I would give you my marbles“. After the original series was broadcast on Netflix, a Twitch streamer’s account was banned. However, we think that Araujo only has positive experiences. * fr.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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