Squid Game on its way to the Emmy Awards?

The 73rd Emmys Awards ceremony has barely passed when the next one is getting ready… With the undeniable success of Squid Game, the south korean drama of Hwang Dong-hyuk, is eligible for the next Emmy Awards according to the American media Variety. Having been produced by Netflix, with the aim of being broadcast among other places in the United States, the new global phenomenon ticks all the boxes to be named.

In addition, Netflix has managed to establish itself as a serious contender in this annual competition in recent years. Latest examples to date: in 2020, the German and US co-production Unorthodox had competed in the International Emmy Awards and obtained no less than 8 nominations; and this year, The Lady’s Game won two trophies including Best Drama Mini-Series. With Squid Game, Netflix asserts one of the many strategies to establish itself in the global game of audiovisual production, both cinematographic and television. Its chances lie above all in being an American production, even if the American public was not necessarily the first targeted.

However, it remains to be seen in which category the South Korean drama has the most chances of winning. Indeed, there are both the Primetime Emmy Awards and the International Awards. Non-English series but produced by an American company, Squid Game can compete in both competitions. However, a clause prohibits double participation. A choice is therefore necessary… But will non-English-speaking production even be able to win in the toughest television competition, nicknamed the “Oscars of the small screen”?

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Already considered by some fans as the “Parasite of television”, in reference to the films of Bong Jong Hoo which was the first non-English speaking film to win the precious grail of the Oscar for best film in 2020, Squid Game has a long way to go to win the Emmy race, renowned for its intensity.

But beyond the question of a future victory of Squid Game, international productions being more and more numerous, shouldn’t the Academy of Emmys think about including this category in the charts?