Squid Game: Rami Malek and the SNL parody the Netflix series

Impossible, at the moment, to miss the phenomenon “Squid Game” on Netflix. The series continues to be talked about and the craze does not seem about to end. Saturday Night Live has taken over the hype and features a parody with Rami Malek.

Squid Game : the unexpected back-to-school success

On September 17, the meteor Squid Game crashed on Netflix, without any forecast being able to alert us to the dimension of success that was to be born. As often with the American platform, a box has taken shape when no one expected it. To the extent that Squid Game broke the record for the best startup of all time for a Netflix show.

Whatever one thinks of this creation from South Korea, we must applaud such a result. No need to go into depth on the concept, which tells how wealth-hungry people participate in children’s games with dramatic outcomes. We will see how far Squid Game will climb and we suspect that Netflix will insist on returning sooner or later with a season 2.

Squid Game ©Netflix

Discover the musical parody of Saturday Night Live

New proof that a real phenomenon has taken shape, with the parody that has just been offered by Saturday Night Live. The famous show broadcast in the United States surfs each time on the topics of the moment and it is no surprise that Squid Game had the right to a very special proofreading.