Squid Game: Scenes Changed After Someone Receives Thousands of Calls

Have you ever wondered why just about every movie and series uses phone numbers that start with the very fictional “555”? Because if they don’t, innocent people risk receiving an overwhelming amount of unwanted phone calls.

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Sadly, that’s exactly what happened with the South Korean series. Squid Game, Netflix’s most recent global hit, which featured what was obviously a real phone number.

Last week, an individual in Gyeonggi province received as many as 4,000 calls a day, IGN reported. His number would have appeared in the trailer, as well as in the first episodes of the series, printed on the famous business cards distributed by the fictitious organization behind the sordid games.

Other media, such as Korea Times and the Wall Street Journal, spoke to others who were also reportedly inundated with calls and texts because their number was only a digit or two different from the number displayed in Squid Game.

Image courtesy Netflix

Made aware of the situation, Netflix and production company Siren Pictures finally decided to act on Wednesday by announcing that they were going to edit the scenes where the infamous phone number appeared, reported the Hollywood Reporter.

According to Reuters, the broadcaster and producer mentioned that they originally made a conscious choice to show only the last eight digits of the phone number and were unaware that by dialing them the prefix would be added automatically. .

let’s remember that Squid Game, launched in mid-September on Netflix, has enjoyed immense popularity since its release, particularly on social media, and is said to be on its way to becoming the most-watched series in the broadcaster’s history, ahead of Bridgerton.