Squid Game Season 2: This is what you need to know about the sequel to the Netflix hit


The Netflix original “Squid Game” is getting a second season. The surprise hit has finally been extended. You can find out what is known about Season 2 here.

"Squid Game" conquered the Netflix charts worldwide

“Squid Game” conquers the Netflix charts worldwide (Source: © Youngkyu Park / Netflix)

  • ‘Squid Game’ creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirms after a long wait that there will be a second season
  • The work on the Netflix series was “harder than normal”, but the series creator can still imagine a sequel.

The South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” is causing a worldwide sensation and has been in the top 10 of the streaming service for weeks. The Battle Royal series is developing into a real hit and even overtakes “Bridgerton” in terms of success. Now it’s clear: There will be a second season of “Squid Game”.

The raven-black series about deadly children’s games and the heavily indebted people taking part hits a nerve – which is probably not least due to the fact that “Squid Game” can also be read as a commentary on modern capitalism. But the financial success for Netflix and the large fan base of the series is probably the main reason for the sequel. You can find out what to expect here.

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Is there a start date for “Squid Game” season 2?

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed in November 2021 that he is in the process of plotting the second season. So far, we can only speculate about a start date. According to Hwang Dong-hyuk, the new episodes are about to start at the earliest in autumn 2022, more likely in the first half of 2023.

Squid Game: Storyline

With the ending left open and some unanswered questions after the season finale, there is certainly enough potential for a sequel. There is a winner of the deadly games in Seong Gi-hun, number 456 (Lee Jung-jae). But he turns around shortly before his evacuation – possibly to take revenge on the organizers of the games.

But director Hwang Dong-hyuk addressed a less obvious issue in an interview with The Times: “While I was working on the first season, I was thinking about the stories that could be explored in a possible second season. And one of them is the history of the character of the frontman.”

The frontman is the alias of the person behind the black mask who seemed to pull the strings for most of the first season. However, it was later revealed that frontman was Hwang In-ho, the brother of police officer Hwang Jun-ho, who sneaks into the game to investigate what happened to his brother In-Ho.

Since Hwang In-ho was also a former police officer, Hwang wants to take exactly this approach, reports the online magazine EpicStream.

I think the issue of police officers is not unique to Korea. […] I see from the worldwide coverage that the police forces wait too long to act – there are too many victims or a situation worsens just because they don’t act fast enough. That was one of the themes I wanted to address in the series. Maybe I can cover more of that in Season 2.

Hwang Dong-hyuk im Interview mit The Times

Hwang revealed to AP Entertainment that Gi-hun will return and that he will do something for the world. Meanwhile, fans have developed numerous fan theories about “Squid Game”.

These cast members may be returning for Season 2

Since it is not certain how things will continue, the cast is certainly dependent on this decision. If the revenge story of number 456, Seong Gi-hun, continues, then you will surely see actor Lee Jung-jae (“Svaha: The Sixth Finger”) again.

The story about frontman aka Hwang In-ho, played by Lee Byung-hun (“Terminator: Genisys”), and his brother Hwang Jun-ho, portrayed by Wi Ha-joon (“White Coffee”), could also be the focus of Season 2 and you can see the actors in action again.

Is there a trailer for “Squid Game” season 2?

So far there is no footage of season 2 that we could present to you at this point. If the first photos of the set or teasers appear, you will of course find them here with us.

Squid Game: Produktion

The “Squid Game” creator explained that it was “harder than normal” for him to write the scripts for the series. It would have taken him six months to write the first two episodes alone. One of the reasons for this is that “Squid Game” is the South Korean’s first series. Before that, he exclusively directed films such as the 2011 drama “Silenced”.

Several authors and changing directors for the staging of individual episodes: This is actually the norm in today’s series landscape. However, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote all episodes of his show himself and also took a seat in the director’s chair for all 9 episodes.

Literally, Hwang Dong-hyuk said in the past: “I don’t have any finalized plans for ‘Squid Game 2’. It’s very tiresome just thinking about it. But if I should do it, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider using a writer’s room and would like to see a variety of experienced directors.”

However, now that Hwang has confirmed he’s planning a Season 2, he still doesn’t sound overly euphoric. There is “so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season. I almost feel like there is no other choice,” he told AP Entertainment.

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