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“Squid Game” star Jung Ho-yeon shared earlier test shots of the successful Netflix series on Instagram, which gave fans new impressions.

Der Netflix-Hit „Squid Game“ delighted numerous viewers in front of their home screens and is by far the most successful series of the streaming service. In addition to the bizarre premise, the actors from the South Korean highlight were also convincing, although many of the current stars were hardly known before. One of the actresses was Jung Ho-yeon, who played the pickpocket Kang Sae-byeok in the Netflix series.

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Jung Ho-yeon was known as a model before Squid Game and had little to do with movies and series. Her role as Kang Sae-byeok was incredibly well received by the audience and the actress is very popular on the Internet. The “Squid Game” star has now shared some exciting test shots on Instagram that were taken in April 2020. You can see the South Korean actress, who wears her normal civilian clothes in the first video. If you swipe left, you can see another video in which Jung Ho-yeon is wearing her green suit with the number 067. Also at her side are the characters Ji-young (Lee Yoo-mi) and Ali (Anupam Tripathi):

Is Squid Game season 2 coming soon?

The test recordings make it clear what an unbelievable presence the actors exude, who have a captivating and impressive effect on the audience without speaking. It is not for nothing that the characters from “Squid Game” make the Netflix highlight so special and why many users like the series.

With the huge success, of course, fans are wondering whether there will be a second season of “Squid Game” soon, because as the test recordings show, you can’t get enough of the series. So far, however, there have been no specific indications as to whether a second season awaits us. Squid Game maker Hwang Dong-hyuk is not interested at the moment, but said that with a team made up of seasoned directors, he would be more inclined to continue the series.

Netflix would certainly have a keen interest in continuing the series and fans would not be averse to it either.

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