„Squid Game – The Challenge“: Netflix plant Reality-Show

“Squid Game” sparked a hype on Netflix last year that hasn’t been matched since. Fans can now not only look forward to a second season, they can even take part in a spin-off themselves. Because with “Squid Game – The Challenge” Netflix creates a reality show modeled on the Korean series. Not quite as deadly, but with almost as much profit!

In a way, it was the fact that only one could survive in the “Squid Game” that made the show so appealing. In fact, the candidates mostly competed against each other in simple children’s games that posed no danger to them. Netflix seems to be taking out the deadly part, otherwise the casting call that the streaming service has now published sounds like the series is being followed in a fairly detailed way.

So wird „Squid Game – The Challenge“

The show is looking for a total of 456 candidates from all over the world (with the USA and UK being the main focus). As a reminder: there were also 456 participants in the series. And the prize that awaits at the end of the games is similar to “Squid Game”: $4.56 million. The prize money for “Squid Game” was 45.6 billion won. However, the Korean currency is worth significantly less than the dollar. 45.6 billion won would have been equivalent to about $35 billion. A profit amount that would have been a little too high for Netflix – and the number wouldn’t have really fit into the game either.

We’ll have to wait a little longer before the reality show hits Netflix. In return, these highlights await us on the streaming service this year:

How can I participate in Squid Game – The Challenge?

Netflix is ​​currently casting the 456 candidates on a specially created website. The search is on worldwide. However, those wishing to participate should speak fluent English and be over 21 years of age. In addition to a few photos of themselves, interested parties must also submit a one-minute video in which they explain why they want to take part in the challenge, what their schedule would look like and what they would use the prize for.

The casting call also reveals something about the shooting period. If you want to take part, you should have four weeks at the beginning of 2023. So it seems like it will be a while before the challenge is filmed. If you only want to watch the show on Netflix and don’t want to take part yourself, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Because until everything is finished cutting, it can take another few months. It should take at least a year before the reality show comes to the streaming service.

Image Credit: Netflix/Noh Juhan

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