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Emilie Semiramoth

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With its games of mortal children, Squid Game has amazed us. But Netflix’s South Korean hit used a lot more special effects than one might expect. A video shows behind the scenes of the shoot.

One of the ingredients that made Squid Game so appealing to mainstream eyes was the show’s unmistakable realism – despite the much exaggerated circumstances of its narrative. It is still hard to imagine that people could be so desperate that they risk their lives and those of strangers for money.

As an added bonus, the participants of this deadly competition do not compete against each other in athletic events that only a small number of people are capable of accomplishing. No, they face each other in simple and understandable children’s games. Games that everyone has already played, which makes it even easier to identify with the characters.

Bringing these games to the screen was much less straightforward. A video posted by Hyungrok Kim, a Squid Game special effects supervisor for Gulliver Studios, shows that the show has used special effects far more often than one could imagine.

And while some of them are pretty obvious, there are other moments that might surprise you, as can be seen in the video below:

Even if we suspected that the game of the glass bridge was not 100% real, ditto for the huge room in which the participants play tug of war, we are amazed to see the incredible number of elements. which were added in post-production. This video is in many ways reminiscent of another which shows the below the realization of Mindhunter (and incidentally the mania of David Fincher!)

This is also the best possible use of special effects: when it is impossible to differentiate what is real from what is not.