“Squid Game”, the Netflix series that keeps everyone awake

TV SHOWS – Squid Game, or the squid game. In this Netflix series, you’ll find candy pink, a doll, marbles and even a playground. But make no mistake: nothing in this South Korean series will make you dream of your childhood. Or even just dreaming, for that matter.

If you are a fan of series or present on social networks, you could not miss this Squid Game. When it is not a robotic doll from the series that is installed in front of a shopping center in the Philippines, it is challenges reproduced on TikTok or costumes that are already snapped up a few weeks before Halloween.

Squid Game, it is a series imagined and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which propelled itself to the head of the top 10 of the most watched series in the world. Its synopsis is simple: over-indebted men and women, 456 in total, will compete by playing children’s games to try to raise the modest sum of 45.6 billion South Korean won, or about 33 million euros.

deadly games Battle Royal

As you can imagine, if the series is so successful, it’s not because you watch adults play hopscotch. In Squid Game, to lose at play is also to lose one’s life. Thus, sets more childish than each other turn into bloodbaths, and the traditional “One, two, three, sun” into a shootout.

The mechanics are obviously reminiscent of known scenarios, such as those of Hunger Games, Battle Royal, or, more recently, Alice in Borderland.

Criticism of society

But behind these deadly games, there are also characteristics of Parasite, feature film by Bong Joon-ho, Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 and Oscar for best film in 2020. Both the bloody series and the thriller-like satire are intended to highlight the class struggle , economic and social inequalities. A bit like another series of the platform and which already used red combinations: The House of the Popel.

For Peony Hirwani, culture journalist for The Independent, and Squid Game captured our attention so much because of its “fascinating plot around capitalism and how the wealthy will do anything to maintain their status”. But also and above all because it shows “how the many players give so little importance to their lives that they are ready to go so far for money”, he explains to Vogue.

The Netflix series therefore gives food for thought. But it’s a safe bet that it first prevents you from sleeping. On the one hand, because you may have trouble turning off your TV once caught in the game, according to the comments of its fans.

On the other hand, because Squid Game could well become your worst nightmare.

Whether they are shot at close range, shot, massacred or thrown into the void, rare are the scenes that save blood. Added to this is the fact that the spectator is always put on the level of the players: not only does he share the blood spatter, but he is at the forefront of the terror, the anguish, and the tears of the protagonists.

Until you sometimes wonder why inflicting such suffering on yourself and how to situate yourself in relation to this strange game. Other questions, which may also prevent you from closing your eyes.

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