Squid Game: The rigged tug of war game?

Squid Game introduced Netflix viewers to six deadly games in which players had to compete. As revealed by the creator of the series, one of them was more difficult to achieve than the others: that of the 1, 2, 3 Sun. Fans might have thought the staging of the tug of war was the most difficult to shoot, but the special effects ultimately made it easier to do than it looks. For the players who had to compete in this event, we imagine that there was nothing simple. However, as relates Screen Rant, the exercise has necessarily been rigged!

Squid Game — Crédit(s) : Netflix

If the media claim that the tug of war game was rigged, it is because Oh Il-Nam was still among the participants. His survival was therefore ensured by the organization, whether his team lost or won this event. As we have seen, the members of his team did not stand a chance against their opponents: they were weak and not very muscular compared to the players opposite. Thanks to Oh Il-Nam’s strategy, they were finally able to gain the advantage. Yet, in real life, they could never have won even with this method.

Oh Il-Nam had taken care to get to the bottom of the bridge during this ordeal. So even if his team unfortunately lost, he would surely have been drafted by the guards who were right behind.. It is not known exactly how the creator was able to rig this ordeal, but his survival in the games was already assured. Moreover, we can remember that participant 001 had also moved during the game of 1, 2, 3 Sun, but once again, he never found himself in danger. This final twist, revealing that Oh Il-Nam was the founder of the games, should allow us to be more attentive to the smallest details in season 2 of Squid Game, which should feature plenty of exciting new games!