Squid Game Theory: How Are Employees Selected?

A theory concerning the hour series Squid Game has ignited the web in the last few days. Some netizens believe they have found out how the game’s employees, those dressed in red suits, are selected.

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Before going into details, it should be noted that the following information could contain spoilers. Be warned!

The South Korean series is enjoying huge success right now. # 1 on Netflix and source of several memes, Squid Game has been combed through by Internet users, who share several interesting theories. There is one viral theory right now that has caught our attention a little more than the rest: the one about the selection of the game’s employees.

The theory seems to have taken shape mainly on TikTok. Several internet users believe that a scene from the first episode, where the character of Gi-hun plays a game of Ddakji with a mysterious man in the subway, explains the selection of players and employees of the survival game.

In this scene, Gi-hun must choose between two cards: one red, and one blue. According to the theory, the people who choose the blue card will be players, dressed in a turquoise ensemble once in the game, and those who choose the red card will be employees, dressed in red.


It’s hard to say if this idea really holds, because there is still a good difference in color between the blue card and the clothes of the players. Employees, on the other hand, also seem to be familiar with their roles and tasks. Because they are wearing masks, however, it is not entirely clear what they are feeling.

Image courtesy Netflix

It’s not totally unrealistic, though. There’s one scene in particular where an employee is unmasked, and he’s told he’s just a kid. Are the employees therefore also victims, selected and imprisoned by a brutal game? After all, the game is a constant reminder that everyone in the room is equal. So the employees may be in a “similar” situation to the players.

Rather, other theories on TikTok believe that these mysterious people in red clothes are former gamers, who are unable to manage their lives after winning the jackpot. This theory is based on the possible behaviors of Gi-hun, but the indices are rather weak.

While none of this has been confirmed, we’re pretty confident that there will be several other interesting theories over the next few weeks, due to the series’ immense popularity!

Squid Game is available on Netflix.