Squid Game: this parody with hamsters is a real hit!

A parody of the Squid Game series is creating a buzz on the Internet. This time, hamsters slip into the skin of the players.

Good news for fans of the south korean series Squid Game ! A parody featuring hamsters seems to be the buzz on the Web. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix’s Squid Game

Since its release on September 17, Squid Game unanimously on Netflix. Eh yes ! The South Korean series quickly won over moviegoers.

Moreover, the latter is even on the verge of becoming the biggest success of the video on demand service. Only a few days after it was put online, it had already been validated by millions of fans.

The proof. The creation of Hwang Dong-hyeok was even number 1 on the platform in more than 90 countries. And this for several weeks.

A great success which then greatly exceeds that which The Bridgertons Chronicle had been able to meet in December 2020. Known in the world of the 7th art, the filmmaker here wanted denounce the surrounding capitalism.

“Tempted by an attractive price in case of victory, hundreds of penniless players agree to compete in children’s games to deadly stakes. ” This is the synopsis posted on Allocine.

To back up his point, Hwang Dong-hyeok therefore told Variety : « I wanted to write an allegory or a fable about modern capitalist society. Something that shows extreme competition, much like the cutthroat competition of life. But I wanted to use the kind of character that we all meet in real life. “

An original idea, which included scenes of extreme violence. But if Squid Game may have shocked some moviegoers, the series still seems to have caused a sensation on the small screen. So much so that a parody has just seen the light of day. MCE TV tells you more!

Squid Game: this parody with hamsters is a real hit!

A hilarious parody with rodents

James Bond, Mission Impossible, Dracula. The best films in cinema have all had the right to their parody. In addition to mockery, it is therefore a real honor for filmmakers to discover their remastered work.

Faced with the success of Squid Game, the Hamsterious YouTube channel could not therefore miss such an opportunity. You will have understood it, it is here about several epic scenes from the series that were staged.

But instead of humans, they are hamsters. For 13 minutes you then have the chance toattend an extraordinary show. A rodent then gets into a mini car which drives him straight to the island where the games will follow one another.

The decor is recreated to perfection and cute little creatures bring softness and lightness to this contemporary fable with tragic stakes.

Images which have therefore not failed to cause a sensation on the Web. Over 24 million people have also watched the video. And that’s not all ! Thousands of comments follow one another to congratulate the work of the YouTuber.

Among them : “Spectacular”; “It’s brilliant! “; ” This miniature scene is amazing« or even a simple ” I love “. So many messages that prove that the hamsters have conquered the fans!