Squid Game: Top 5 Christmas gifts for fans of the series!

This year, Squid Game unleashed passions! For Christmas, products inspired by the saga should have their little effect…

Squid Game has conquered the crowds on Netflix! As the Christmas holidays approach, some gifts inspired by fiction should do their bit… MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Squid Game is a hit all over the world

On a daily basis, Netflix puts the small dishes in the big ones for satisfy its consumers. Last September, the platform also hit hard by unveiling the Squid Game saga.

On screen, debt-ridden citizens agree to participate in a mysterious tournament… At the end of the day, a big jackpot! To go further in the adventure, participants must also surpass themselves at the risk of their lives!

In the turmoil, many ignore their values. Unsurprisingly, the alliances and betrayals are also appropriate.

« Today, i feel like korean group BTS, it’s like i created Star Wars Where Harry Potter,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of Squid Game for CNN. “Yet it is a story about the losers, losers, there are no likeable heroes in Squid Game. »

But also : ” So somewhere, it’s sad, since it means that in ten years, the world has become ready for the scenario what does my series offer. »

The success of the Korean saga has clearly crossed borders. As the Christmas holidays approach, you are likely to make people happy if you offer products derivatives of Squid Game.

Exclusively, our colleagues from Melty have also revealed a short list… You should take inspiration from it!

Squid Game: Top 5 Christmas gifts for fans of the series!

Offer these little nuggets for Christmas

Bet on a figurine of the big winner of Squid Game

If you have any Squid Game fans around you, why not gift them a Pop Figure of… Seong Gi-Hun, the Great winner of the game.

Thus, the famous character will be perfect for pimper a piece. Indispensable, it will make its small effect for sure!

Opt for the mask of the head of the organization

Yes, the one who is at the head of the game Squid Game had the merit of challenging the viewers… For Halloween, many of you were wearing his mask. It must be said that it sends heavy. So why don’t not offer it for Christmas?

Spend a night in an Airbnb that looks like Squid Game

In Spain, be aware that owners have had fun redecorating their homes in the style of Squid Game. In addition, their pretty home is also by the sea and has a amazing rooftop pool.

To spend the night there, know that you will have to pay 95 euros for one night. So tempting, isn’t it?

Offer the boss employee mask

Impossible to ignore the masks of the employees of this mysterious organization… Moreover, the symbols inscribed on the surface also make it possible to establish a certain hierarchy. So you are team Square ? Round or Triangle?

This plaid should make people happy

And finally, a Squid Game plaid should also unleash passions. There are a lot of them on specialized sites! So you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to patterns and sizes. We love ! So it’s up to you…