Squid Game viewers spot an Easter egg in the first episode


Netflix viewers believe they spotted an Easter egg in the first episode of Squid Game, having only realized later in the series when they or they learn more about one of the characters.

By now, you will undoubtedly have finished the series, which was acclaimed by just about everyone across the world in no time. If you haven’t yet, click now, as we’re going to be discussing some pretty huge spoilers. You have been warned …

In the final episode, we find out that Oh He-name, the “old man” played by Oh Yeong-su, is realthe brain behind it all, having orchestrated the deadly challenges to “feel alive” after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Credit: Netflix

He was supposed to be dead in the sixth episode, having lost the marble challenge, but ended up coming back in the finale for the big reveal, recounting Seong Gi-Their (Lee Jung-jae) that everything depended on him.

After finding out about the reveal, many fans rethought the old man behaviour during the previous episodes – including the first, when contestants were to play the game “Red Light, Green Light”.

In the challenge, the old man not only appears indifferent, but also seems to be actively enjoying himself, a huge smile etched on his face throughout the challenge.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

He also doesn’t get killed by the giant robot, despite moving around, which viewers are just now. realizing was a pretty big gift.

Having realized the link, one person tweeted: « the old man was in the loop all the time because how could you still move forward for rouge lightweight vert lightweight after everyone has just been killed all normal like. »

Therefore someone else said, “The old man dans Squid Game was not shaken rouge lightweight vert lightweight because he KNEW… I hate him. “

A third added: “Now I understand why the old man was so happy to play rouge lightweight vert lightweight MDR #SquidGame. »

Others claimed that they already had realized, with one saying, “I already knew the old man from Squid Game was suspicious or a possible plant when his ass was smiling during Red Light Green Light.” “

Another wrote: ” Ian knew the old man was the one behind the Squid Game pBecause in the first episode at red light, green light the old man was not scanned by the doll….«

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