Squid Game viewers spot details about Sae-byeok’s accent that you may have missed

6 October 2021, 16:57

If you’ve watched a dubbed version of the series, you might have missed the small but important detail of Sae-byeok’s character.

Squid game‘s Kang Sae-byeok has become an absolute fan favorite among Netflix viewers. Sae-byeok’s popularity has even spread to social media with actress Jung Ho-yeon gaining more than 14 million Instagram followers since the show’s release.

Sae-byeok has without a doubt one of the saddest stories on the show. She and her younger brother have defected from North Korea, and she is joining the games in order to earn enough money to help her parents defect and to ensure that her family can live a comfortable life in South Korea.

Korean viewers have now noticed a clever (and heartbreaking) detail with the character of Sae-byeok that adds a whole “further layer to Jung Ho-yeon’s already impressive performance – and you might have missed it if you didn’t. hadn’t watched the series in its original language.

Squid Game: viewers spot details in Sae-byeok's accent that you may have missed

Squid Game: Viewers spot details in Sae-byeok’s accent that you may have missed. Image: Netflix

In Episode 1, Sae-byeok’s North Korean nationality is explicitly declared by Deok-su (Player 101) when he beats her in the dorm. Viewers know the character’s origins and motivations at the start of the series.

But if you’ve watched a dubbed version of the show, you might have missed the small but important detail of Sae-byeok’s character.

In an interview with South Korea, Jung Ho-yeon explained that she “watched a lot of documentaries about North Korean defectors” and also practiced speaking in a North Korean accent with teachers in preparation for the role.

Viewers who watched Squid game in her native Korean language might have detected a slight change in Sae-byeok’s accent, depending on who she was speaking to.

While talking to her brother, Cheol, she speaks with her true North Korean accent. But when speaking to other players in the game, she speaks with a more standard South Korean accent in order to blend in with the game and avoid possible discrimination.

The details were shared online by a number of Korean viewers, including podcaster Youngmi Mayer.

Speaking to NBC News, Greta Jung, who has doubled roles for several Korean and Chinese Netflix shows, echoed with fans who pointed out the detail that may have gone over the heads of some viewers.

“They should have taken a break from the captions when the North Korean character speaks,” Jung said. « [Kang Sae-byeok] has a North Korean accent and hides it around South Koreans – it’s important, it’s meaningful. “

In an article on Squid game On the Reddit page, user soyfox also noted Sae-byeok’s slight change in emphasis, saying: speech and mannerisms so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb, ”the post read.

“This is especially true among young people. I don’t know how long Sae-byeok has lived in the South, but she would no doubt have adapted quickly with her street intelligence. “



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