Squid Game, WandaVision, Cruella… The top 5 trendy costumes for Halloween

On Sunday, October 31, the costumes for Halloween night should be largely inspired by popular film culture.

The 2021 Halloween edition is expected to draw heavily on popular culture. Dystopian series and films are largely infusing costume trends this year. Overview of the costumes that will be at the party on Sunday October 31.

Squid Game

This will probably be the most worn costume for Halloween night. The ultra-popular Netflix series has been at the heart of the conversation for several weeks. The inmates of the game in the series wear the same outfit: a simple jogger with a sports jacket and a number. The organizers also wear a specific jumpsuit and stylized masks. Several sites offer turnkey combinations. It takes between 20 and 50 euros.

The Squid Game phenomenon on Netflix.

Olivia rodrigo

Surprising as it sounds, teens might just dress up in Olivia Rodrigo outfits. In her music video “Good 4 U” which has accumulated nearly 280,000,000 views, the singer is dressed in a cheerleader uniform in soft colors, with black latex gloves. A costume straight inspired by the 2000s that could return in 2021.

Wanda Maximoff de WandaVision

Wanda Maximoff has a multitude of outfits that are sure to inspire young and old alike. There’s the classic 50s jumpsuit or the groovy 70s look or even the vintage Witch Scarlet costume.

Estella Miller from Cruella

The 2021 version of Cruella will be widely discussed during this 2021 Halloween edition. A black and blonde wig, black clothes from head to toe, sober and gothic makeup: the disguise should be all the rage. A real throwback 20 years in the past that could be sublimated with a touch of firecracker red lipstick.


It’s a Halloween staple, the clown costume should once again be in the spotlight this year. Many cinematographic works are inspired by these characters. The term “coulrophobia” even refers to a phobia associated with excessive and irrational fear and clowns. Simple and basic, the clown costume consists of a traditional red nose or horror mask, a loose fitting outfit in bright color. Horror movie makeup can also be very effective. A classic then.

Are the clowns back?

Are the clowns back?
Franck Barske / Pixabay