“Squid Game”: What Wi Ha-joon would like for the sequel

The “Squid Game” actor Wi Ha-joon shares his hopes for the continuation of the Korean hit series in an interview with “The Star”.

In the first season of “Squid Game” Wi Ha-joon portrays the police officer Hwang Jun-ho. While searching for his brother, the latter becomes part of the action more or less by chance. However, Jun-ho cannot intervene directly in what is happening. Because in order to find out what the “Squid Game” is all about, he must first investigate undercover.

“Because my character tells the story from an observer’s point of view, the representation of his emotions was very limited,” says Ha-joon. Still, the actor has a clear idea of ​​the policeman’s fate: “If I imagine Hwang Jun-ho in season two, I would want him to find his brother and ask him what the hell [mit ihm] has happened”.

At another point in the interview, Ha-joon speaks of his sudden success after the appearance of “Squid Game”: “I still can’t believe that something like this could happen to me. I was incredibly lucky to be able to work on a great series ”.

Ha-joon had almost given up the dream of an acting career. Had “Squid Game” been released a little later, Ha-joon might not have played at all, because: “There was a time when I only got rejected after auditions and my self-confidence got so low that I asked myself: Should I stop acting? ”. But thanks to constant encouragement from the people around him, Ha-joon became calmer in this regard and finally added: “Now I believe in myself”.