Squid Game: Which Legendary Pokémon Could Win The Game?

Today we reveal to you which Legendary Pokémon could win the bloody and deadly game of the Squid Game series! To your notes!

You ask yourself which legendary Pokémon could win the game of the Squid Game series? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Squid Game: Survive Deadly Game

With the recent announcement ofa season 2 for the dark series success stories as well as the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, fans are super excited! And for good reason…

There is a crazy parallel between the concept of the Squid Game and video game intrigues that revolve around the Legendary Pokémon. We explain to you.

In Pokémon, the masked antagonists of the named competition are looking for competitors. The villainous Poké-verse organizations, like Team Rocket and Team Aqua, then forcefully target the Legendaries to make their request.

And for good reason… Legendary Pokémon are, without a doubt, among the most powerful of the game.

Yet the challenges are not always based on the strength, size and speed. Unsurprisingly, this scenario is therefore very similar to that of the Squid Game series.

And yes, remember! Squid Game’s deadly challenges are so perilous that even a Pokémon Trainer as competitive as Gary Oak may have reservations.

It’s no longer a secret! Most games require an inherent human quality, which makes them possible victories only for some.

In a standard duel between Pokémon, there may therefore be a clear winner based on statistics, but in Squid, Game everything is different. So what do you think are the most likely Pokémon to win in the cult series?

Squid Game: Which Legendary Pokémon Could Win The Game?

Top 3 Pokémon that could have won Squid Game

3 – Cresselia

In Pokémon, Cresselia is not justa powerful ally. And for good reason… It is also a delicate competitor with a plethora of mind games.

Possessing the ability to manipulate dreams, to ward off psychic blades, to teleport and even to time travel, she can easily manipulate the outcome of the competition.

Using her selfless movement, “Moonlight”, Cresselia can restore teammates 100 %. But that’s not all !

It can also eradicate all status issues. The best, right?

2 – Necrosis

This Psychic-type Pokémon is certainly one of the most powerful in its class. Without surprise.

It is known to the ancients clike “the pillager of light”. He can also take the form of Dark Mane Necrozma or Dark Wings Necrozma by controlling the minds and bodies of other legendaries.

When he has a goal in mind, he is determined to achieve it even by all the necessary means. A great asset for Squid Game, don’t you think?

1 – Mewtwo

Without a doubt the Pokémon impossible to match, Mewtow has some crazy qualities. Indeed, she was designed to be the best, with a genius level intellect, and an understanding of human speech.

But that’s not all ! She also has mind control, a levitating force field and a skillful agility of madness.

Reputed to be an artificial death machine which exposes the madness of its creator, we therefore bet on this Pokémon to win Squid Game. Not you ?