Squid Game X Genshin Impact: a Youtubeur recreates a cult sequence from the series

Game news Squid Game X Genshin Impact: a Youtubeur recreates a cult sequence from the series

South Korean series with irrefutable success, Squid Game is even invited in some video games. In this case, it was content creator Genshashin who reproduced a scene from the series in miHoyo’s game.

If we know that games with a strong community contain content creators all as strong as each other, the latter are inspired by other popular cultural products. Without necessarily wanting to surf on their success, the creators consider that it is just relevant to carry out cross-over for the less curious. This is for example the case of Genshashin, youtuber on Genshin Impact, who produced content inspired by Squid Game.

Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Sucrose … All pass there

It was after bingewatching (watching an entire series in one session) Squid Game that it became obvious for Genshashin to make a video mixing the South Korean series with Genshin Impact. It parodies the sequence of the 1,2,3 … Sun and reproduces it with all the characters of the game (Aloy aside because of its exclusivity on PlayStation). All use their abilities to get closer to Klee, but beware of the losers: no bloodshed or machine guns, but a good explosion will await anyone who dares to break the rules.

To make this video, Genshashin explains that he used Japanese voices and Squid Games subtitles. Why not the voices of the original version? He specifies that he would have had more difficulty extracting the subtitles for the simple reason that he does not know South Korean grammar. If the scene of 1,2, 3 Soleil is cult, it is the entire series that is essential at the moment and for proof: it entered the history of Netflix in front of the most watched series on the platform.

Through Charlanmhg, Writing jeuxvideo.com