Stargirl’s Luke Wilson On How He Coped With The Marvel / DC Rivalry By Living With Owen Wilson | Tomatazos

Maybe not everyone got this, but Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson were filming superhero shows at the same time. The former played the not-so-well-known DC hero Pat Dugan / Stripesy / STRIPE, which in more ways than one is the equivalent of that Bucky editorial, on Stargirl – 100%, CW series and now HBO Max. As we all know your brother Owen played Mobius M. Mobius in Loki – 96%.

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That was the first role in anything of the superhero genre for both brothers. It is interesting that both made that leap for television shows and not for movies, considering that their careers developed more on the big screen.

The point is that they not only recorded television series of that genre at the same time, they were also living together. It’s interesting to think that two brothers were working for rival superhero companies at the same time. Sounds like the premise of a sitcom, if we think about it. One that we really need to exist.

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We know that because Luke Wilson said so at an event attended by the site Comic Book. There he joked about the fact that Marvel people are very rare and mentioned that he does not understand Loki’s plot, but said that he quite enjoyed living with his brother while they work on shows for different companies. In fact, he revealed that he did not know there was a rivalry between Marvel and DC:

I don’t know if you guys have lived with anyone from the MCU, but you are weird people, very, very weird. Whatever snack you made for yourself… I never understood Loki’s plot. I had it explained to me a number of times, but I never understood it. But now, we were able to live together for a little over a month and it was actually a lot of fun. And yeah, it was fun for me that I was working on a superhero series and then Owen was playing Mobius in Loki. I know he really enjoyed working on it. And like me, he hadn’t worked on a superhero project and he hadn’t worked on a TV series either, but I know he had a great time and really enjoyed working with Tom Hiddleston. Apparently that series turned out to be great, but I didn’t know we had a rivalry. I mean… he has two kids and they watched both shows. I feel like I detected a little more enthusiasm for Stargirl. Maybe I was projecting that. But they put on a great show and it was a lot of fun living together. I had a lot that we didn’t do that.

On several occasions we have heard that for those involved in the DCEU and the MCU the rivalry between both companies does not exist. In fact, recently Peter Safran, in an interview for Comic Book, reiterated that James Gunn is always excited about the success of both companies. And that in itself that rivalry is not relevant for them. In the event that DC hired Gunn, they did that because they weren’t going to squander the opportunity to do so, not to get in on a rival:

The truth is that everyone loves Marvel and everyone loves DC. You have much more in common than the rest of the world. So it is something you have to accept. I think he has always been supportive and happy with the success of DC films when he was doing things for Marvel, and I have heard Kevin Feige say the same kind of things and I have listened to … All of us, internally, clapped and we hope the other guys are successful. So for us, we were just excited that we could capitalize on Marvel’s mistake. This was an opportunity. Otherwise, James was going to be tied down for the next couple of years and instead we were able to hire him and make this film which is, in many ways, the perfect James Gunn movie. His instincts are actually more geared toward R rating than PG-13, anyway.

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