Stefano Ferri, Today is another day the straight entrepreneur who dresses as a woman: “It wasn’t easy”

Stefano Ferri, the heterosexual entrepreneur who loves vextending as a woman, it is told to Today is another day during an interview with Serena Bortone during which she talks about her book and remembers her path, confessing that it was not easy at all. Stefano is in effect a Crossdresser, hence a person who likes to dress like the opposite sex.

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Ferri explains that he is heterosexual, that he has a wife, a daughter, but that he has a great passion linked to women’s fashion: “The first time I wanted to dress as a woman, he was 9 years old, but those were very closed times, so I repressed this thing and I have come to reject it. That way I kept away from my nature and that made me very unhappy, ”he explained. During his adolescence and youth he explains that he had come to be envious of women, of their freedom to choose how to dress and this made him mean towards women: “I was not aware, I did not understand, because I was not homosexual, so I did not understand this hatred of women “. The awareness came after the age of 30, when she started dressing more effeminately and then since 2009 I have not worn men’s clothes anymore.

The man deals with marketing and consultancy for events and does not hide the fact that he goes dressed as a woman to various events: «The first times I did it I was afraid, I myself faced an unknown aspect of my life and it scared me. Then when I calmed down I discovered that it is enough to go to meet people with a nice smile, shake their hand, then no one remembers and thinks about how you are dressed ».

He then recalls when his wife discovered his passion: «I could no longer accept the humiliation of changing in the cellar. I was already married to my wife for 2 years, I was afraid to show her who I was. Then one day I left some stiletto heels in the shoe cabinet and that moment was bad. She asked me for an explanation and in the end I told her what I liked. When she saw me completely dressed as a woman for the first time, I clearly remember that she said to me ‘your mother made your legs beautiful’ “.

Last updated: Monday 29 November 2021, 15:32