Stiff in Squid Game, Lee Jung Jae Unveils Park Hae Soo’s True Traits: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – As popularity soars Squid Game, the story behind the series also caught the attention of the audience. Now Lee Jung Jae, the main actor, tells about his relationship with Park Hae Soo, who plays Jo Sang Woo in the series.

Jung Jae assesses, Hae Soo is an actor who has a strong foundation in the world of acting. “Given his experience in theater, he carries his character very deeply,” he said in an interview with Star News, Thursday (30/9/2021).

Park Hae Soo in real life, according to the 48-year-old actor, is the opposite of the character he plays. “He is humorous and cute. I can say, he is the lightening the atmosphere on the set,” he said.

Jo Sang Woo and Song Gi Hoon characters start and end Squid Game together. That’s what then made Lee Jung Jae and the actor Prison Playbook it has chemistry good during filming.

Squid Game. (Foto: Netflix)

“We went through many seasons together, hot and cold. We shot the last scene on a very cold and rainy day. But thanks to Park Hae Soo’s positive personality, all the cast and crew were able to get through filming well.”

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Not only impressed by Park Hae Soo’s personality, Lee Jung Jae was also happy to meet Lee Byung Hun in the series. The two actors have been friends since their debut in 1993 and were under the same agency.

Although several times expressed the desire to play in the same project, but it was never realized. Until 28 years later they were reunited in the later Squid Game series booming in the market.

Squid Game. (Foto: Netflix)

“I suspect, he could be cameo from Squid Game for being close to director Hwang Dong Hyuk. Honey, we only had a few scenes together. If there are Squid Game 2, I want to work with Lee Byung Hun,” he said.

The Squid Game series not only stole the attention of the Korean and Asian public. The series even managed to gain popularity in the United States market. The series has even managed to dominate the list of most watched Netflix series.*

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