Still Islam Despite Divorce, These 6 Artists Prove Converts Not Because of Couples : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– A number of artist choose to leave his old religion and convert to Islam following his partner. But not a few of them whose relationship did not go smoothly and divorced.

But even though divorced, some artist continue to embrace Islam. They seem to prove that switching beliefs is not just because of a partner. Who are they?

Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized 6 artists who firmly converted to Islam even though they were divorced from their spouses, Sunday (10/10/2021).


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1. Alice Norin

Since childhood, Alice Norin has lived with two religions, namely Christianity and Islam. He himself initially embraced Christianity, then when he married DJ Riri, he firmly became a convert. But their marriage did not last long. Although divorced and remarried, Alice Norin remains a Muslim.

2. Tamara Bleszynski

The actress, who is reportedly in love with Chef Chandra, decided to convert to Islam in 1995. Two years later, she married Teuku Rafly Pasha in the Holy Land. From this marriage, they are blessed with a child who is now also entering the world of entertainment, namely Teuku Rassya. Apparently, Tamara converted to Islam not because she wanted to get married. This was proven because after divorcing and remarrying with Mike Lewis, he still maintained his belief as a Muslim.

Tamara Bleszynski

3. Angel Lelga

Angel Lelga had a serial marriage with Rhoma Irama in 2003. His marriage was the starting point for him to embrace Islam. Sadly, Angel and Rhoma’s marriage only lasted a lifetime. Even though he is divorced, Angel Lelga still maintains his belief as a Muslim. Even decided to appear hijab since a few years ago.

4. Lulu Tobing

Since birth, Lulu Tobing has embraced Christianity. Then, the star of the film Unchangeables became a Muslim when he married the grandson of President Suharto, Danny Bimo Hendro Utomo. But the marriage foundered after 10 years.

Until finally Lulu re-married with Bani Maulana Mulia in 2019. In his second marriage, he became more active in studying Islam. This can be seen from the upload of Bani who had shared photos of his wife while studying Islam.

5. Larissa Chou

Larissa Chou since childhood studied Buddhism and Christianity. In 2015, she decided to convert to Islam with the help of her ex-husband, Alvin Faiz. Then, at the suggestion of the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham, the two got married. After getting married, Larissa is increasingly determined to study Islam and cover her aurat with shari’a clothing. Even though the two are divorced in 2021, Larissa remains firmly embracing Islam.

6. Willy Dozan

Senior actor, Willy Dozan, initially embraced Christianity. Then, he converted to Islam before marrying Betharia Sonata in 1990. From this marriage, they were blessed with two children, namely Leon Dozan and Nabila Dozan. Unfortunately, the two decided to divorce. Even though he is divorced, Willy Dozan remains firm in his beliefs as a Muslim.