Struggling to Recover from Paralysis, Laura Anna Often Confesses to God, The Contents Are Heartbreaking : Okezone Celebrity

LAURA Anna passed away, Wednesday (15/12/2021). This sad news is very sad, even the public feels the grief of the family left behind.

Before she died, Laura Anna had time to share some of her dreams on Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel. Laura’s dreams she always said in prayer.

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After the accident that left her paralyzed, Laura Anna admits that she often confides with God. However, the way is very relaxed and impressed ‘informal’.

“Yes, it’s like talking to bestie,” Laura said on Youtube Deddy Corbuzier, quoted by MNC Portal, Thursday (12/9/2021).

The dream that is always in Laura’s prayer is not far from her physical recovery. Not only that, he also hopes to be able to travel again with his beloved family and friends.

“More independent, can recover, can work again, can travel again, can eat with my friends, can travel with my friends,” he said very gently.

Hearing that one of Laura’s dreams is to go for a walk again, Deddy asked Laura, “Did you not go for a walk after the accident yet?”.

“No. Yes, at least in the car just walking on the highway while listening to music with Rido, Greta, or with my mother if you want to come along,” he said.

“Have you ever been to the mall?” asked Deddy still curious. Laura replied, “No, it’s Covid-19 too.” “Eating out?” Deddy asked again. “No,” replied Laura. “So everyone’s home now?” continued Deddy’s question. “Stay at home,” Laura answered again.