Such and Which Show, Cristiano Malgioglio criticizes Clementino. The response on social media is furious

Clementino responds to criticism of Christian Malgioglio. During “Such and what showPierpaolo Pretelli he interpreted his own Clementino, receiving the applause of the public and the judges. To congratulate too Christian Malgioglio, who, however, in doing so has criticized the Neapolitan rapper, who has not failed to respond in kind through the social network.

Clementino and Cristiano Malgioglio (Instagram)

Tale and Which Show, Clementino responds to the criticisms of Cristiano Malgioglio

A “Such and Which Show” a great Pierpaolo Pretelli, which deservedly occupies the first position in the standings in the program of Carlo Conti, he took on the role of Clementino with the song “Cos cos cos”. His interpretation was, as usual, much appreciated by the judges, including by the critic par excellence Christian Malgioglio. Unexpectedly indeed Malgioglio he paid him several compliments, but brought up the author of the song: «I have to say – he explained during the talent show for vip – that I liked it a lot. Because Pierpaolo kept the right pace and it was much more interesting than Clementino. Sorry but that’s what I think, the truth. I am very sincere in what I say. I can’t say it wasn’t a good performance otherwise I’d be lying. I say this because I liked everything in this issue ».

Clementino, who, as the social networks testify, was following the broadcast, first encouraged the performance of Pierpaolo, then after the criticism of Malgioglio commented from his account: “Ah John Lennon but don’t shit u caz * – he did know on Instagram – Hey dear Christian Malgioglio, you talk bad about me on tv. But know that I believe that you have the exact same utility of pineapple on pizza in music, cinema and TV. The same, exactly the same ».

Last updated: Sunday 10 October 2021, 08:08