Sunan Kalijaga and Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong Meet, Salmafina: God Hears : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Presented by Salmafina and his lover, Greivance Lumoindong finally brought their two families together on New Year’s Eve. The moment of the meeting was captured by Salmafina via Instagram, on January 1, 2022.

In his statement, the 22-year-old celebrity admitted that the meeting of two families was something he and Grei had prayed for since they first met. He did not expect, God answered the prayer so quickly.

“We think it will take a long time (to be answered), even (can) enter wishlist both of us in 2022 or even 2023. But apparently, God gave it very quickly at the end of the year, December 31, 2021, “he said in the upload.

Salmafina Sunan added, “Again, God hear, God is working, God knows the best timing (Again, God hears, He is at work and knows the right time for you).”

He believed God was preparing a miracle for every human being who believed in Him. “I can’t wait to go through 2022. May God’s goodness always accompany us and all of you,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Sunan Kalijaga also showed his meeting with Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong and his wife at that dinner. He admitted that their togetherness that night was an invitation from the priest.

WL, this New Year’s Eve I was invited to a special dinner with Pastor Gilbert,” said the lawyer while pointing his camera at Greivance Lumoindong’s father.

Sunan Kalijaga and Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong met. (Photo: Instagram/@sunankalijaga_sh)

Pastor Gilbert then replied to Sunan’s statement with, “Wow, it is an honor for us to have a special guest, Mr. Sunan Kalijaga.” The moment of meeting the two families was warmly welcomed by netizens.

“This is a polite, ethical, and serious future son-in-law. Not just (dating for) playing games,” said the account @vanessaisabel2210. [email protected] added, “Candidates at the meet.”

The account @ary_seotjipto also commented on how Muslim Sunan Kalijaga can be wise in responding to his differences with Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong. “Extraordinary! This is the real Indonesia. May be different, but still one. Praise the Lord.”*

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