Surviving in Singapore, Denada confides with Maia The remaining money is only Rp. 200 thousand: Just Crying : Okezone Celebrity

FINE share his life story throughout his struggle to be a single parent. Yes, Denada must be able to survive in Singapore for the treatment of her daughter, Aisha or Shakira Aurum, who was sentenced to suffer from blood cancer.

This makes him have to go back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore when he gets a job offer. Even though it looks like everything is going smoothly, Denada’s struggle to make a living can be quite big.

Especially now that the world is in the midst of an outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. Denada also felt the impact of the pandemic.

The cost of living in Singapore is very high, making this 43-year-old artist forced to sell all the assets he has. Moreover, Denada has not been able to work for the last two years. Without hesitation, he also sold his valuables, ranging from houses, branded bags, jewelry, and many others.

“Yes, I have to sell everything I have. Houses, cars, everything, anything I can sell. Branded bags, jewelry,” said Denada on the YouTube channel MAIA ALELDUL TV, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Sunday (2/1). /2021).

In fact, until now Denada is still trying to sell some of his assets which have not been sold. The reason is, selling goods in a pandemic condition is not as easy as he imagined.

However, Denada feels very grateful to have these valuable assets. The Ku Jelang Hari singer can’t imagine how his life can run if he doesn’t have these things.

“In my heart, Thank God I still have those items, if there are no items that can be sold, I don’t know that I can survive for two years,” said Denada.

In addition, Denada feels that her struggle has not been separated from the help of the Creator. The reason is, he had experienced difficult economic conditions until the money left in his ATM was only Rp. 200 thousand. Even though he often has a lot of expenses in Singapore.

“It’s not once or twice like that, people for two years have no income but live there. So when it’s like that I don’t know what to do anymore and I really don’t have any friends to talk to, so I just cry to God and ask for help God,” said Denada.

Denada feels many miracles from the Creator. One of them is an offer to work as a Zumba teacher in Indonesia. He never thought he could get a job in such a short time.

“Suddenly the next day someone from a company in Indonesia said to ask Denada to take a zumba class, private in our company. The day after tomorrow, next week,” said Denada.

Denada also feels very grateful that she still has God who is always ready to help her. Moreover, he was also given the strength to be able to deal with his problems during this time. Denada doesn’t stop giving thanks throughout the video.