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The two-time Oscar winner participates in a science fiction film about an independent thinker who reflects on the essence of the individual. Some series like the chilling «Servant», «Ted Lasso», or the fascinating «Foundation» have joined movies like «Finch» or this recently released «Swan Song», a science fiction story about an intimate reflection about what defines us as people when we face our own death.

In the not too distant future, in a society where robots and self-driving cars are fully integrated into cities, video-enabled contact lenses can transmit powerful video, and medicine has made some important advances.

One of these advances is still in the experimental phase, but it is capable of cloning humans. That’s why Cameron Turner, when he realizes that a disease is killing him, turns to a medical team to design a clone identical to him in the hope that his family does not discover his illness. The new being is very similar to the original. Has the same physical appearance and the same memories and experiences, and his mission will be to take the place of Cameron when he dies.

Irish director Benjamin Cleary’s first feature film follows 2016’s ‘Stutterer’, an Oscar-winning short film about stuttering. However, you would never guess that this is Cleary’s first film. Everything flows slowly to immerse us in the thoughts you want to explore. Do our memories make us who we are? Are our bodies really? Is our place in society what we think it is? Or is there something else that definitely makes us us?

A different approach to the swan song, for industry insiders

The swan song

You can imagine one of the best episodes of Black Mirror. Now turn it into a movie. Spend as much time as you want on each scene, each line of dialogue, and go at your own pace. Choose one of the best actors of his generation for the lead role. There are many elements that come together to form the essence of “The swan song”.

The philosophical aspects of the film are not its only strong point. Its visual language is also clean and simple, courtesy of Masanobu Takayanagi (‘Spotlight’), whose symmetrical planes are a delight. The cast is small, but huge. Includes Naomie Harris, Glenn Close and Awkwafina. They all accompany Mahershala Ali on his journey. He plays two versions of himself. A challenging role for a holder of two Oscars. And a gem of performance for the viewer.

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