Synopsis The Bond of Love October 16, 2021: Rendi Wants to Marry Jessica, Mama Rosa Has a Past Enemy? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond October 16, 2021, the riddle of the Alfahri family’s terror is getting clearer. Someone in the past of Mama Rosa (Sari Nila) who is suspected of having a grudge begins to open.

In the teaser video uploaded by the official Instagram account Love Bond, @ikatancinta.mncp, Saturday (10/16/2021) Mama Rosa also mentioned the name Iqbal (Teuku Dino) as a person who has a bitter grudge against him because of past business competition.


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To Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) and Andin (Amanda Manopo) Mama Rosa discussed the problem. “Is it true that Iqbal has a grudge against Mama because of past business competition,” Mama Rosa asked Aldebaran.

On the one hand, Aldebaran did not want to just believe Iqbal’s words. According to him, there is something awkward with Iqbal’s past revenge.

“I said that earlier, Ma, but I felt something was odd. If you have a grudge, why not from the beginning,” said Aldebaran.

Aldebaran’s suspicions grew even greater, considering the fact that Iqbal’s cell phone number was registered under Denis Setian’s name. Meanwhile, Rendy (Ikbal Fauzi) is serious about his intention to marry Jessica (Larasati Nugroho). Intending to marry Jessica, Rendy immediately went to Irvan (Oka Antara) to ask for his blessing.

When asked by Irvan whether Rendy was really serious about marrying Jessica, Rendy firmly agreed.

“I’m serious Om, I hope Om can bless him,” said Rendy.

Not in vain, Irvan also gave the blessing of Rendy to marry Jessica.

“If it is important for Om, Jessi is happy, Om will follow her choice,” said Irvan.

What is the fate of the Alfahri family, especially Mama Rosa, when faced with past enemies? Is Rendy really serious and will soon become Jessica’s husband? Find the answer, by not missing the show Ikatan Cinta tonight at 19.45 WIB only on RCTI and RCTI+.