Synopsis The Bond of Love September 30, 2021: Aldebaran Forgot Andin’s Birthday, Deliberately Prepared a Surprise? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The drama of Andin’s birthday celebration will color the episode Love Bond tonight, Thursday (30/9/2021). After praying together with Aldebaran, Andin was getting ready to welcome his beloved husband’s birthday wishes. But what happened was unexpected.

Through a teaser broadcast uploaded to the official Instagram account Love Bond, Thursday (30/9/2021) after praying together, Aldebaran did not wish Andin a happy birthday, instead he discussed the trial of Mama Sarah’s decision.


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“Mama Sarah’s trial today, let me come alone,” said Aldebaran.

Andin was muttering in his heart, as if he wasn’t sure an Aldebaran could forget his own wife’s birthday.

“Is it true, Mas Al, you don’t remember my birthday,” Andin muttered.

But in the end, Andin had to swallow disappointment because Aldebaran didn’t wish him a happy birthday at all, let alone discuss plans for a birthday party.

In the midst of Andin’s birthday drama, the riots of the terror attack on the Alfahri family have not ended yet. This time, Aldebaran already knew that someone had put a bug in his house. Al suspected that the wiretapping device that Reyna found in the living room was installed when Aldebaran was not at home.

“I think this bug was installed when I left Ma,” said Aldebaran to Mama Rosa and Andin.

Hearing Al’s words, Mama Rosa was confused because the Alfahri family’s house was guarded daily by many security staff. Two security guards and two special bodyguards.

“How do people get in, there are a lot of guards now,” added Mama Rosa.

This further strengthened Aldebaran’s suspicion that there were indeed spies in the house. “I’m sure there are spies here,” said Al again.

Who is the insider that Aldebaran suspects turns out to have been a spy for the Alfahri family? Then, did Aldebaran really forget Andin’s birthday or was this just Aldebaran’s trick to give a sweet surprise or a special surprise on his wife’s birthday?

Therefore, immediately find the answer by continuing to faithfully watch the continuation and excitement of the story of Ikatan Cinta, which airs tonight at 19:45 WIB only on RCTI and can also be enjoyed through the RCTI Plus streaming application service.