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JAKARTA – The Love Bond tonight will show Andin’s jealousy to see Aldebaran being approached by Katrin, Angga’s sister is not finished yet.

After having had a fight with Aldebaran because his husband received a cake sent by Katrin. Andin was again not happy with the attitude that Katrin showed to Aldebaran.

Revealed through a teaser video uploaded by the official Instagram account of the Ikatan Cinta, Wednesday (21/7/2021), Andin and Aldebaran seemed to have dinner with Angga and also Katrin, while having dinner Andin felt Katrin kept stealing glances at Aldebaran .

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Synopsis Ikatan Cinta Malam Ini, Andin Cemburu Buta

Not accepting Katrin’s attitude, Andin deliberately showed off his affection in front of Katrin’s eyes by feeding Aldebaran affectionately.

Meanwhile in another place, Elsa seems to be carrying out her crime again. Disguising herself and covering her face with a mask, Elsa managed to enter the ICU where Sumarno was being treated.

Elsa is seen holding the oxygen hose that is Sumarno’s lifeline. It seems that this time Elsa intends to kill Sumarno’s life, because she is afraid that the man who is the key witness in Roy’s murder case will wake up from a coma and be able to testify to the police and expose all his crimes.

“If Sumarno wakes up and talks to Aldebaran and Andin, my life will be destroyed and all my mother’s sacrifices will be in vain,” said Elsa.

Does Katrin actually have a crush on Aldebaran and will become the third person in Andin’s household with Aldebaran? Then, will Elsa be reckless to kill people again, this time by killing Sumarno?

Don’t miss the continuation and excitement of the continuation of the story of Ikatan Cinta, which is broadcast tonight at 20:00 WIB only on RCTI and can also be enjoyed through the RCTI Plus streaming application service.