Take a peek at Ashanty’s 5 Wealth Sources, Proven Anang Tajir’s Wife Twisted! : Okezone Celebrity

ASHANTY always synonymous with life full of luxury from many things. After marrying Anang Hermansyah, Ashanty is not only busy with his activities as a singer.

He is also now a businessman who built his business empire with his family. Ashanty has been doing various businesses until recently he and Anang will build 30 villa units in Bali. Wow!

So, where is the source of Ashanty’s wealth? The following complete information is summarized from various sources, Friday (10/8/2021).

Beauty industry

Ashanty has several businesses in the beauty sector. Not long ago, he just launched his own skincare brand called AExpert. Not only that, Aurel Hermansyah continued, she also has a cosmetic business called Ashanty Beauty Cosmetics which sells various kinds of cosmetic products. Starting from lipstick, loose powder, blush-on, creamy powder, and many more. In addition to skincare and cosmetics, Ashanty also has a contact lens business, to body care.


Besides beauty, Ashanty is also involved in the fashion industry, you know! She has a fashion product in the form of a hijab. In making this product alone, Ashanty collaborated with a designer from Malaysia, Jovian. In addition, Arsy and Arsya’s mother also has a children’s clothing business.


Not satisfied with the beauty and fashion business, Ashanty also has a culinary business with his family. Starting from Asix Chicken, Asix Cake, Asix Coffee, Asix Kitchen, to Lu’miere cake shop. In addition, the singer of the song ‘Dulu’ also has his own juice business, namely Ash Juice.


Ashanty and her husband, Anang, also have a karaoke business spread across several regions in Indonesia. But unfortunately, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the karaoke business was forced to temporarily close.

Entertainment dan endorsement

Outside of his businesses, Ashanty also still earns rupiah in the entertainment world. Both on television, as well as his own YouTube channel with his family. Not to forget his endorsements on various social media platforms, such as on Instagram, where he has 27.7 million followers.